The ins and outs of managing a baler repair business


When Cameron Turner first started CP & EA Turner Baling Contracting Services from his home in Wodonga eight years ago, he welcomed the challenges and complexity of the baling business.

Specialising in the Krone Square Balers that he was accustomed to operating for his baling contracts, Cam was able to corner the market in his area by adding baler repairs to his offered services.

“Given the intricacy of the balers units, most mechanics deem the machines too convoluted to tackle the maintenance and repairs for them,” says Cam of his rare capability.

Balers are also at the mercy of ever-changing topsoil quality, climate conditions, dryness, heat, and moisture. In addition to this, Cam notes that, “the properties, palatability, and nutrients in every hay crop on every farm change with each season.”

From pickup to processing, the Krone balers require heavy-duty roller chains to feed the bales into a twine knotting mechanism that wraps, ties, and knots the bales into the squares commonly seen being carted across the countryside.

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