Innovative solutions drive 111-year success for BOGE Compressors

More than a century of achieving excellence is plenty of reason to celebrate for a company that offers compressor solutions by thinking outside the box.

BOGE Compressors sees innovation as the key to driving continued success and it recognises this innovation is one of the main reasons that BOGE can celebrate 111 years.

The BOGE company and its selected distributor partners offer tailored compressed air solutions for all applications including comprehensive after sales service.

Founded in Germany in 1907 by Otto Boge the company has expanded its reach globally to many different countries and more than 100, 000 customers.

The BOGE brand is focussed on first-class engineering made in Germany and the company delivers its extensive product portfolio at a realistic price. As a privately owned company BOGE can make its own in- house decisions to channel resources into research and development leading to innovative products and cost-efficient solutions for the customer.

This innovation and intelligence by BOGE is demonstrated in the range of products and solutions it has designed. This includes oil injected screw compressors, oil free screw compressors, specialised piston compressors including smaller oil free units, and an extensive range of scroll compressors and a huge compliment of dryers and filters.

It also includes a comprehensive product range for medical applications.

Boosters, desiccant dryers, aluminium pipe and fittings and all of the above products are stocked in large quantity at the BOGE warehouse in Melbourne ready to support the growing demand for these innovative products.

The BOGE team is also regarded as a valuable resource within the business and everyone is encouraged to contribute to the innovation and most importantly the best possible customer experience.

BOGE Compressors Australia was established in 2006 and the company distributes throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Fiji. Distributors for the brand are carefully selected and receive regular extensive training on the BOGE products. All BOGE distributors are required to have the technical expertise to support the product and enhance the brand reputation. The business in Australia has expanded to the point where the company is now relocating to a larger facility to keep pace with demand for the product and continue to provide a high standard of customer support.

To celebrate the 111th anniversary, BOGE featured a special edition of its new series-4 screw compressors at the 2019 Hanover Trade Fair. Called S111-4, the celebratory product shows the high functionality and efficiency level of today’s BOGE screw compressors. All of the S-4 models, from 55 to 160 kW, rely on BOGE’s premium air-end, whose integrated, fully enclosed gears reduce the internal pressure losses and energy consumption as well as reducing noise levels.

The new S-4 series and other innovative new products ensure the continued global success of the BOGE business going forward.

To celebrate the milestone of 111 years, every subsidiary globally, as well as BOGE in Germany, cut a cake to salute the achievements of the BOGE family.

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