Implementing a Training Strategy in the Manufacturing Sector

Training and development are important for manufacturers to remain competitive, improve process efficiency and reduce costly errors. 

Training and development helps manufacturers build internal capability and empower personnel to identify risks and find opportunities for improvement. 

Manufacturers need to implement an effective training strategy to ensure the organisation can: 

  • Support scaling up for growth 
  • Improve competitive edge 
  • Build more resilient Supply Chains 
  • Continually meet customer expectations 

6 Steps to Implement an Effective Training Strategy 

Step 1: Assess your Needs
Your training strategy should have an objective. Often for manufacturers, this is lead by operational transformation or a need to improve product offering. 

Step 2: Identify Skills Gap
Compare the skills required for the organisation to operate efficiently against the current capabilities of your employees. Understanding where they may be gaps will help you identify what training is needed. 

Step 3: Prioritise Your Training
Determine whether the type of training required is mandatory or nice-to-haves. This will ensure the organisation will gain the skills it needs appropriately and at the right time. 

Step 4: Plan and Deliver the Training
Once you have assessed what training is required for your organisation, you will need to decide how that training will be delivered. 

SAI Global offers a range of courses that can be delivered in a method that suits you and your team: 

  • Public Training – Conveniently located classrooms in major cities around Australia 
  • Virtual Training – Same classroom experience delivered virtually lets you train where you want. 
  • Online Training – Available to you anytime and anywhere, on-demand. 
  • In-House Training – Cost-effective method to train groups of employees, contextualised for your organisation. 

Step 5: Assess Effort and Impact
Ensure your program is delivering on your objectives by assessing the improvements in performance, increased sales, reduced errors or identified improvement opportunities. This can also be done by assessing employee confidence and motivation in their jobs. 

Step 6: Invest in Continual Training
Continual employee training and development brings tangible business benefit and is vital for manufacturers to maintain its competitive edge. 

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