How the Industrial Internet can change what manufacturers do

GE Intelligent Platform’s CEO, Jody Markopoulos, has listed five ways that connecting factories to the internet can improve the way manufacturers operate.

Markopolous, writing for Forbes magazine, suggested that Industrial Internet use would see manufacturers’ machines "become part of an intelligent network that can automate information and action to optimize plant floor performance.”

GE released study results finding the gains from plugging into the Industrial Internet could be worth $US 10-15 trillion, as reported in Manufacturers’ Monthly and elsewhere.

"The full potential of the 'industrial internet' will be felt when the three primary digital elements – intelligent devices, intelligent systems and intelligent automation – fully merge with physical machines, facilities, fleets and networks,” the report’s co-author, Marco Annunziata, told AAP.

Markopoulos listed benefits in terms of turning data into knowledge, using predictive analytics, assisting lean manufacturing operations, making use of cloud software and providing access to more computing power.

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