Helping manufacturers into the factory of the future

With Industry 4.0, coding and marking machines will become part of a single intelligent factory operation.

Labelling and coding products specialists, insignia, shares with Manufacturers’ Monthly how important it is to empower Australian manufacturers in achieving maximum efficiency in coding and marking processes.

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. Industry 4.0 is set to revolutionise manufacturing and production through the utilisation of cyber connected systems, which monitor factory processes to maximise efficiency and reduce downtime.

Industry 4.0 is a globally accepted reality that is affecting nearly
every industry worldwide and is transforming how businesses operate. It introduces a “smart factory”, where cyber-physical systems monitor production processes and are capable of making decentralised decisions – for example, monitoring consumable levels in a printer and alerting users that a consumable changeover is required.

In an Industry 4.0 factory, every machine and computing device is integrated and connected to the internet, enabling them to send and receive data – this process is what’s commonly known as the Internet of Things. The interconnectivity of these smart devices is empowering a step change in productivity, efficiency and customer-centric innovation for manufacturers.

What is Domino Cloud?

The release of Domino’s i-Techx platform and the Domino Cloud service tool are shaping Industry 4.0 in the areas of coding and marking. Both built into Domino’s latest continuous inkjet technology the Ax- Series, is equipped with features to be ready for the factory of the future.

Designed from the ground up to be industry 4.0 ready, the Domino Ax-Series easily integrates into existing production lines and supports a variety of standard factory automation communication protocols such as PACK-ML and OPC-UA.

Additionally, an array of integrated sensors automates system monitoring, allowing for proactive and predictive diagnostics and remote service support through
the Internet of Things (IoT) and connection to the Domino Cloud.

The Domino Cloud provides powerful remote diagnostics, remote monitoring and customer reporting capabilities. For example, Domino’s i-Techx platform collects a vast array of data on printer operation – from running performance to ink and makeup levels, to wear and tear
on components. This data is can be accessed through the Domino Cloud dashboard where it can be viewed by the customer at any time, regardless of the location.

This enables the customer
to be alerted to any issues and forecast ink and consumable orders. Additionally, this data incorporates Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculations and printer usage changes to provide insights for line improvement and lead manufacturing initiatives.

How does Domino Cloud help manufacturers?

Domino’s i-Techx platform and the Domino Cloud service tool provides manufacturers with error-free coding and system integration, as well as remote access and monitoring. This results in a smart and interconnected network of machines and processes that centralises and simplifies coding processes.

The consumption of ink and make-up can be monitored in real-time, utilising the Domino
Cloud dashboard. Additionally, complications can be diagnosed from a distance by the helpdesk team and either fixed remotely
or through an insignia service technician who can find the problem on-site.

On top of this, through automation, streams of information for OEE calculations and cost structures can be closely monitored to maximise efficiency, resulting
in reduced downtime and increased production at the lowest possible cost.

Decentralised systems
can increase profitability for manufacturers by streamlining and speeding up decisions, resulting in increased revenue, market share and profits for many businesses.

For coding and marking processes, Industry 4.0 means that inaccurate codes and unplanned downtime caused by equipment will no longer be a problem faced by manufacturers. Coding and marking machines will become part of a single intelligent factory operation, capable of monitoring performance and assisting team members with making informed decisions.

Domino Cloud is already shaping factories of the future and empowering a step change in productivity and efficiency for manufacturers.

“We highly recommend Domino Cloud as a user friendly remote tool that gives us useful management information insight into all our connected production lines” affirms Dorin Cimpu, manager strategic projects, continental Tyres.