Go green with Atlas Copco’s latest oil-water separators


Atlas Copco’s OSC oil-water separators are a win-win solution for oil-lubricated compressors and the environment.

Atlas Copco speaks with Manufacturers’ Monthly about their latest OSC oil-water separators and why they are a win-win solution both for oil-lubricated compressors and the environment.

To make compressor condensate treatment effective and effortless – and make a positive impact on the environment – consider using the latest OSC oil-water separators from Atlas Copco.

The OSC oil-water separators filter the condensate from these compressors more effectively to meet and exceed the most stringent clean water standards. And their easy, no-mess maintenance drastically simplifies service.

When working with oil-lubricated compressors, condensate treatment is not just a must, in Australia it is the law.

An oil-water separator removes the oil from compressor condensate before it can enter the sewage system. However, too many oil-water separators offer poor quality and minimal ease of use. Atlas Copco’s new OSC series addresses these issues with unmatched filtration precision and zero-hassle maintenance.

Compressor owners can meet and exceed the toughest current clean water regulations with Atlas Copco’s new solution.

Thanks to its ingenious multi-stage filtration technology with polypropylene and activated carbon, the OSC removes a wider range of oil types. For stronger emulsions, organoclay can be used as the second stage filter material instead of activated carbon. This allows the OSC to achieve extremely clean wastewater with a purity as low as 5 ppm at outlet.

As a result, compressor owners can meet and exceed the toughest current clean water regulations.

In addition, the OSC’s removable filter bags and cartridges make the oil-water separation process considerably easier and a lot less messy. Customers also enjoy a long service interval of 4,000 hours.

To ensure optimal performance, the OSC comes with a test outlet that helps verify filtration quality and a service indicator for polypropylene filter saturation. An overflow indicator monitors correct water passage.

“Customers sometimes think any oil-water separator will do. But many offer subpar filtration and messy maintenance. Our new OSC resolves these issues,” said Jan Norz, global product manager for Air Treatment Equipment with Atlas Copco Industrial Air.

“The OSC allows our customers to comply with current and future clean water regulations. Even better, its no-mess filter bags and cartridges make maintenance much easier, which will be very welcome news to anybody who has ever had to service an oil-water separator.”

The OSC series consists of 18 different types and sizes to give customers maximum flexibility. OSC 12 – 2500 can treat condensate from complete compressed air systems with nominal compressed air flow from 12 to 2,500 L/s FAD.

Check now if your compressed air condensate system is complying with your local regulations. Contact Atlas Copco for more information and support in selecting the correct solution for your installations on 1800 023 469, or visit their website.


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