Giving Australian farmers the most efficient grouper bins

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Brothers Kaidan and Dallas Boyd, both qualified welders, began developing their SUPA Bin design after they leased their family farm nearly three years ago.

Traditionally, the Boyd family cropped 3441 hectares of wheat, barley, and canola north of West Wyalong in New South Wales. When the drought took hold, the family made the decision to lease out their farm and the two brothers combined their talents as qualified welders to launch CRF.

“On the farm, we always dreamed of a bin like this. We had created the design in our heads so when we leased out the farm, we jumped straight into manufacturing,” says Kaidan.

To manufacture and mount the SUPA Bins, the CRF team puts in many hours of welding. Kaidan says each unit roughly needs 80 to 100 metres of welding, with the team delivering as many as 30 units per year.

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