German-Australian Chamber launches new strategic element

German-Australian Chamber

The German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce has identified key topics businesses can no longer ignore: Digitalisation, Decarbonisation and Talent.

After a very successful launch of industry clusters last year that serve businesses and manufacturers in the health, mining, energy and F&B sectors, the newly introduced horizontal streams will focus on supporting businesses in current topics by benefiting from each other’s experience. Especially in recent years the challenges businesses face have significantly increased which is why the German-Australian Chamber continues to play a significant role in information exchange and connecting you with industry peers and experts.

These horizontal streams, named as such due to their cross-cutting nature, reflect the modern day challenges that industry must confront. Excitingly, it will also allow the Chamber to showcase the solutions many of their members possess. There already are many events in the pipeline for 2022 tackling these topics together.


In times where we are surrounded by algorithms, carry our mobile devices with us everywhere we go, electric vehicles are more in demand than ever before and the conversation on automating and optimizing processes, the discussion on digitalisation in organisations becomes inevitable. At our recent Growth Summit held in Sydney in March, our Beautiful Intelligence panel with speakers from Siemens, Aldi Australia, Weidmueller and Graphite Energy exchanged thoughts and visions on what Industry 4.0 means and the importance of collaboration between manufacturers.

No longer the prerogative of large industry players, digitalisation is now more approachable and more achievable for companies of any size. Germany stands as a powerhouse for advance manufacturing and automation has helped it remain competitive on global markets whilst still producing high quality goods.

Industry 4.0 has long arrived in the manufacturing industry too and the benefits of new technologies are widely talked about. AI/ML, IoT, AR/VR and other futuristic sounding terms are no words of foreign origin anymore but much more centre of attention and cover more than just the IT department. When we look into manufacturing engineering, production and maintenance, quality assurance, worker safety, warehousing and even sustainability, digitalisation is a buzz word you cannot escape from. Technology has already proven how it can be used to launch new products to market in a more efficient and faster way while also keeping costs down.

The Digitalisation stream of the German-Australian chamber will discuss exactly that, how businesses and manufacturers of any size can adopt Industry 4.0 technologies step-by-step.


Net zero is more than a governmental mission on a global scale as it adds further pressure on businesses, especially within the manufacturing industry, to go green sooner rather than later. Green Hydrogen as a source of energy has been in the news recently and is discussed in depth within the German-Australian Chamber’s Energy Cluster. While the energy sector has started the journey to sustainability in a broad perspective, the transportation sector has also started to transform by moving towards electric vehicles. Now often the construction sector is talked about as an ever-growing population which puts performance pressure on the industry while also trying to make a change towards net zero. Infrastructure and steel production are areas where many will pay close attention to.

It is time where we need to talk about the climate footprint of companies, big and small, and identify practical solutions on how to significantly reduce carbon emissions and eventually be net zero to align with national goals. This also creates new opportunities to extend product portfolios and services to businesses.

Energy, digitalisation and decarbonisation are often linked conversations with each affecting one another.


We have heard a lot about the great resignation recently. People quitting their corporate jobs, changing careers or starting their own business created a big shift on what the work environment looks like and the global pandemic made people question their current lives and where to change.

Multi-generational working has also always been a challenge but with digital natives approaching the workforce now, it is clear that traditional structures and hierarchies no longer seem appropriate and compelling. The question on how to attract the new generation without upsetting the current workforce and the ongoing challenge of retaining talent are conversations increasingly proving their importance within businesses.

Job hopping has become a trend that employers would like to see gone as the cost of finding talent and train them up is exploding.

Talent acquisition and retention is a topic the German-Australian chamber has long identified of key relevance and is excited to host a number of events and seminars to exchange ideas and visions.

Enabling services

In a fast-paced world there are always new topics emerging. Fintech, law services, logistics and supply chain challenges are all of growing importance. The German-Australian Chamber has many members in the service industry ready to help and support manufacturing businesses with their needs and share insights into their areas of expertise.

Especially the last couple of years have shown us how difficult supply chain issues can be to resolve and how important having the right logistics providers are. As an umbrella to the horizontal streams launched by the German-Australian Chamber, Enabling Services will focus on key service areas that matter in current times.

Why it matters to manufacturing businesses

As a manufacturer, you are a key player in the bilateral world, often dealing with more than one country. Being present in multiple markets exposes you to additional challenges but also enhances your opportunities of growth. Having the right systems in place and nurturing bilateral relations are crucial to grow market share and build business partnerships.

Manufacturers are the backbone of our economy and we hope with the newly launched horizontal streams we create many opportunities for future collaborations and learnings. If you have stories and visions to share with us, we would love to hear from you and discuss future collaborations with you.