Ensure power availability to unlock an optimised enterprise

power availability

Manufacturers are looking for ways to optimise their business. Analysis of data can enable power availabilitysafety optimisation, and reduction in energy consumption and costs 

Manufacturers have done it tough over the past few years. Restrictions on worker numbers due to safety precautions for COVID-19, a rapid change in consumer buying habits, and a continuation of the trend which has seen older staff leaving the workforce and less experienced workers taking their place, are all challenges the sector is continuing to face.  

The good news is that these disruptions can be overcome, and one of the best ways to facilitate this is by utilising digital technologies to promote agility, power availability and remote access. 

Optimising with data   

Digitisation of plant assets and systems has been occurring for quite some time now. In many cases, manufacturing sites have digital assets which collect data regarding their operations, but this is where the system falls. These siloed, individual, data collectors hold the information within their own system, which is difficult to access and even more difficult to analyse.

In order to take advantage of this data which ultimately creates new ways to be more effective and efficient, manufacturing enterprises should look to implement smart products and overarching technologies that bring all of this information into one, easy to understand, interface.  

power availability

The power of analytic applications  

We all know how time consuming and complex analysing data can be. That is why the new generation of power analytic applications crunches the numbers for you. Bringing together all of your data into the one system allows smart, powerful software to pick up discrepancies, inefficiencies, and asset wear and tear, before it causes any downtime. This information can then be passed on to facility managers who can schedule preventative maintenance or make improvements to operational efficiency.   

These power analytic applications allow you to: 

  • Optimise reliability to achieve greater uptime. Receive mobile alarm notifications of abnormal conditions, then use power forensics to isolate causes and recover from outages quickly. Simplify power quality monitoring and analysis to comply with standards and protect sensitive equipment. Simplify testing and reporting for backup power systems. 
  • Optimise safety. Remotely monitor and operate breakers to minimise exposure to arc-flash risk and avoid safety hazards. 
  • Optimise equipment performance and maintenance. Monitor equipment performance to support proactive maintenance to save costs, avoid failures, and extend lifespan. Track system capacity to avoid overloads and failures and reveal unused capacity to help avoid unnecessary upgrades or overbuilding. 
  • Optimise energy consumption and costs. Correlate manufacturing processes to energy usage (e.g. energy consumed during process idling, process starved of parts, etc.). Compare energy efficiency across buildings, plants, process lines, or loads, then identify opportunities to improve and validate savings. Avoid power factor or peak demand penalties and easily allocate costs to departments or processes. Track energy performance indicators (EnPI) per ISO50006 and comply with energy efficiency and green building standards.  

Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure architecture can keep your manufacturing enterprise running as smoothly as possible by integrating smart assets with an overarching software solution which puts uptime of your enterprise front and centre. Schneider Electric’s award-winning EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert software is purpose-built to help power-critical and energy-intensive facilities maximise uptime and operational efficiency.

EcoStruxure Power Advisor offers a proactive, analytics-based service for your power management system, combining expert advice with advanced algorithms to ensure data quality and help you achieve optimised energy performance and power reliability.

Learn more about EcoStruxure Power and how it can help you optimise energy efficiency and lower costs today. Alternatively, see how Schneider Electric can help you improve power availability by visiting se.com/au/power-availability