Endeavour Awards finalists announced from record field

Manufacturers’ Monthly is delighted to announce that our finalists for the 11th  annual Endeavour Awards have been selected, from a record field of candidates.

Since launching the 2014 awards in October last year, we’ve been chuffed to see the nominations come in, as a trickle at first then a wave in the couple of weeks before the cut-off.

We can say with quite a bit of delight that we ended up with 138 of your entries – by far the biggest number in the awards’ 11-year history and very nearly TWICE the amount of entries as last year.

To continue using the editorial “we” for a little while longer, we have to re-state our belief in the importance of the awards. There’s obviously a lot of coverage around high-profile factory closure announcements in the mainstream media, but what are put forward much more rarely are the success stories that are out there in abundance.

The Endeavour Awards are always an antidote to the bad news, and are there to celebrate our industry’s many and diverse successes. Among the 138 entries – all of them from companies that should be very, very proud of themselves – we have finalists doing great things, making products including everything from aortic stent grafts to milk powder to unmanned aerial vehicles to much, much more.

The thing they all have in common is excellence.

Without any further throat clearing, here is a list of the finalists. Again, we congratulate each and every one of you for what you do every day and for helping put together the strongest field ever in the history of the Endeavour Awards.

You will be contacted individually with further congratulations and invitations to the May 13 gala awards dinner.


Australian Consumer/Trade Product of the Year

Waringah Plastics


Black Widow Enterprises

Seeley International

Hoshizaki Lancer

Ferndale Confectionery



Australian Industrial Product of the Year Award

CKAS Mechatronics

Actron Engineering


Leussink / Soto Consulting Group (joint project)

K-TIG (Keyhole TIG Limited)


Cyber Technology

Technofast Industries



Australian Steel Innovation of the Year Award

Technofast Industries

Modular Wall Systems

RPC Technologies

K-TIG (Keyhole TIG Limited)


Business Transformation Award

Smart Fabrication

FPC Food Plastics

Juicy Isle

Kez's Kitchen



Environmental Solutions Award

Longwarry Food Park

ZF Boge Elastmetall Australia

B.-d. Farm Paris Creek

Air Springs Supply

Cribbing and Matting Co

CSR Bricks and Roofing

Keech Australia

Leussink Global Worming


Exporter of the Year Award

Longwarry Food Park

Cook Medical Australia


RØDE Microphones

Archer Enterprises

ICT International

Marand Precision Engineering



Global Integration of the Year Award



Marand Precision Engineering

RPC Technologies


Most Innovative Company Award

Woods Furniture

ModWood Technologies

Cyber Technology

Keech Australia

Seeley International

Austube Mills

Mexx Engineering

Sevaan Group


Safety Scheme of the Year Award


EHI Australia


Branach Manufacturing

Cribbing and Matting Co




Technology Application of the Year Award

Successful Endeavours


Michael Hill International

Downer Rail


Cyber Technology

Orora St Regis Bates

Advanced Manufacturing CRC & Amaero Engineering Pty Ltd


Young Manufacturer of the Year Award

Keiran Sproule – Sevaan Group

Philip Wysocki – ANCA

Joshua Portlock – Cyber Technology

Daniel Hodges – Austube Mills

Emin Boynukisa – Cablex

Andrew Beal – Hydrix Services


Lifetime Achievement

Rakesh Aggarwal – Longwarry Food Park

George Hellyer – AW Bell

Mike Rich – Attaché Software

Tony Carolan – Marand Precision Engineering

John Guest – Jubilee Springs








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