Employers commit to OHS policies to improve employee satisfaction

Today, many organisations are discovering the benefits of committing to occupational health and safety (OHS) and its effects on employee satisfaction and safety performance. They’re noticing a relationship between job satisfaction and workers’ compliance with safety management policies and the frequency of accidents.

According to a study conducted by the International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics, workers who expressed higher satisfaction in their role had more positive safety status perceptions. They felt more committed to safety management policies, thus a lower rate of accident involvement.

The study’s results were consistent with the notion that workers’ positive perceptions of the organisation’s safety culture influence their commitment to safety management policies in the workplace. Here are a few factors that can help lower accidents and increase employee job satisfaction.

Employer Leadership

Employer leadership and their commitment to creating a safe environment are essential in building a strong safety culture. When employees feel as though the company is committed to creating a safe environment, they are more inclined to adopt safe work behaviour, resulting in fewer workplace-related accidents and more significant commitment and participation from workers. Their job satisfaction goes up and, therefore, less employee turnover and higher job performance.

Personal Protective Equipment

One of the most common reasons workers fail to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) is the quality and disruption of their job. Companies that commit to providing high-quality PPE from trusted retailers like RSEA can improve overall job satisfaction for their employees and decrease the number of accidents resulting from poor PPE.

Clear Communication

A positive safety culture requires clear communication of a company’s commitment to its employee’s safety. When workers can clearly understand their employers OHS policies, they find more motivation in their jobs and participate less in occupational safety issues. Even a tiny change of commitment that workers can clearly understand will lead to fewer workplace incidents and higher job satisfaction across the board.

Remain OHS Compliant

By remaining up to date on the latest laws and rules surrounding workplace safety issued by the OHS, you can protect workers and avoid accidents on the job site. Also, by ensuring your job site adheres to the latest safety laws and regulations, you will give your workers more confidence that their employer is protecting them in every way possible. When workers feel protected, they experience higher job satisfaction and are more inclined to participate in safety policies.

Invest in First Aid

Even with all of the latest laws, regulations, policies and PPE equipment, on-site accidents can still happen. When an accident occurs, the protocol and resources in place can directly reflect overall employee satisfaction and be the difference between life and death. Because of this, it’s crucial to invest in first aid. By law, businesses need to provide workers with the necessities. But to build trust in your workers and protect them, you should try to go above and beyond. If you have the same first aid kit that’s been around for ages, it’s time to upgrade. RSEA Safety has high-quality first aid kits and materials available for your job site.

There is a clear relationship between the OHS policies that companies have in place to their employees’ overall job satisfaction and lower workplace accidents. For companies to improve employee participation in safety policies, they need to provide clear leadership, the correct PPE and a messaging strategy that informs workers’ how they will be protected. Visit RSEA Safety for all of your PPE needs.

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