Efficiency and reliability are top concerns at speed car racing

Chicago Pneumatic business line manager Sume Perera introduces the new oil-cooled interior permanent magnet motor compressor.

According to the racecar engineering (www.racecar-engineering.com), motorsport reaches over 194 countries worldwide (based on a 2017 Nielson Sports survey).

Aside from the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup, there are few other sports with such global appeal.

Efficiency and reliability of the car are top concerns in fast-paced highly competitive events like motor sport racing. The same applies to manufacturing industry, where the products manufactured are highly competitive and productivity plays a key role in business profitability.

It is more important than ever for manufacturers to have the most efficient and reliable compressed air system to ensure increased productivity with minimum downtime and highest energy efficiency to guarantee fastest payback on the equipment.

The new Chicago Pneumatic oil-cooled interior permanent magnet motor compressors are built solidly with reliability and optimum efficiency in mind. Complete in-house design by Chicago Pneumatic engineers and manufactured according to stringent ISO Quality standards.

“Where this particular compressor captures the energy-saving is because of its ability to slow down and speed up, and slowing down to the minimum speed the compressor can run,” Chicago Pneumatic business line manager Sume Perera said.

“The technology we use is direct drive. Unlike the gear drive or a belt drive, there’s no maintenance in there. In this case, there’s no coupling, so there’s no maintenance and no downtime.”

Designed and assembled inhouse since 2015 using the latest production technology the oil- cooled interior permanent magnet electric motor and screw compressor element drive train has IE4 super premium efficiency​ and IP66 protection class​ with industry leading SER (Specific Energy Requirement) levels.

The oil-cooled interior permanent magnet (IPM) motor is maintenance-free and saves energy, which ensures lower overall ownership costs.

The integrated direct drive, element and motor share the same rotor shaft. The modern drive train is approximately 3 per cent more efficient than belt drive transmission and approximately 1 per cent more efficient than a gear drive transmission, that results in reducing energy costs.

The in-house designed and patented imperium variable speed drive matches air supply to air demand, ​ ensuring no unload losses for fixed speed compressors.

Precise pressure setting 0.1 bar helps to ​narrow pressure band and lower working pressure. This guarantees ​no peak current at start-up, which helps to avoid maximum demand penalties from power companies.

​The robust in-house, industrial design features IP5X protection​. The inverter is tailor-made in Europe for screw compressor applications​ and compact integrated inside the compressor electric canopy. ​

User friendly ES4000 touch controllers are used with the air compressors. A four-inch touch screen display gives the user full control that protects the machine with sensors and algorithms. The remote monitoring gives a clear overview on machine parameters via ICONS built in GPS communication, and allows to the operator to visualise service intervals and warnings.

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