Driving efficiency with compact drive unit

SEW-Eurodrive’s new drive unit size, suitable for low power ranges, completes the MOVIGEAR product portfolio.

SEW-Eurodrive’s MOVIGEAR-DSM drive unit range offers processing industries a cost- effective solution to modernise their operations. SEW-Eurodrive recently added a new drive unit size, suitable for low power ranges, to complete the MOVIGEAR product portfolio.

The manufacturing and processing industries are forever looking for new solutions to optimise their operations and create savings where possible – be it in energy, space, down-time, cleaning efforts or through optimisation of processes.

MOVIGEAR from SEW-Eurodrive is an ideal solution for manufacturers that helps them improve efficiency in their material handling systems with its hygienic design, compact size and high efficiency rating.

MOVIGEAR integrates the mechanics, electronics and control in order to optimise its functionality. The integration of these components extends the products’ service life and reliability. This allows MOVIGEAR to be easily retrofitted into most materials handling applications such as conveyor systems.

New member added to mechatronics product family

SEW-Eurodrive has recently added a new size to its MOVIGEAR-DSM product range, which is ideal for use in conveyor applications that require low torques up to 100 Nm.

Together, with the previously available drive unit sizes in the range of 200 and 400 Nm torque classes, the new product completes the MOVIGEAR-DSM product portfolio, which currently has three sizes and four performance classes, to match different applications.

The new size 1 MGF-DSM has high overall system efficiency for centralised installations in the lower range. The light and compact drive unit offers a large operating range with constant torque and high overall efficiency.

Retrofitting as an effective measure
According to SEW-Eurodrive, MOVIGEAR has a number of advantages over traditional drive solutions that bring about cost savings for manufacturers, among them being the ability to have a low retrofit effort, fast upgrade and communication via standard bus systems.

Plant manufacturers and operators, particularly in the food and beverage industry, can look at retrofitting as an effective measure to increase energy efficiency. This means that existing plants can be modernised or retrofitted with new, energy-efficient drive components, which reduces cost without affecting productivity.

MOVIGEAR-DSM drive units can be combined with the control cabinet frequency inverter MOVITRAC LTP-B in centralised installation concepts.

By replacing old geared motors with a MOVIGEAR-DSM drive unit in their centralised installation, manufacturers can achieve energy efficiency without the need for a mechanical re-configuration.

Retrofitting of the plant using the existing cabling of the drive components reduces the retrofit effort making this a much quicker upgrade and creating savings in energy to existing plants.

The SEW-Eurodrive group is a global designer and developer of mechanical power transmission systems and motor control electronics. Its broad spectrum of integrated solutions includes geared motors and gear units, high torque industrial gear units, high-efficiency motors, electronic frequency inverters and servo drive systems, decentralised drive systems, plus engineered solutions and after-sales technical support/training.

The Australian division of SEW-Eurodrive is headquartered in Melbourne and is supported
by a network of offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Mackay, Townsville, Perth and Adelaide.

SEW-Eurodrive offers a full 24- hour emergency breakdown service on its products to put customer’s minds at ease.

SEW-Eurodrive can also tailor a training program to equip customers with a comprehensive set of skills to get the most out of motor and drive technologies and applications. The company’s customer base includes large-scale corporations and smaller entrepreneurial enterprises across Australia.