Cutting the edge of aluminium

Manufacturers’ Monthly spoke with Press Metal International about contributing to the global application of aluminium.

Press Metal Aluminium Australia (PMAA) was a joint venture established in 1998, between Australian interests (30 per cent) and Press Metal Aluminium Holdings Berhad (PMAHB), a large and long-established international aluminium extruder listed on the Malaysian stock exchange.

PMAHB has two main production centres, one in Malaysia – Press Metal Klang – and another in China, Press Metal International (PMI), established in 2006 in Foshan, Guangdong Province.

The company’s Australian offices and warehouses are located in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. After group restructure, PMAA, solely held by PMI since mid-2019, operates upon a firm platform of international experience while maintaining a strong local presence in the Australian market.

It is part of a multinational corporation which operates in Australia, Hong Kong, Dubai, USA and the UK with global headquarters situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. PMAHB is a wholly integrated company, holding and operating their own bauxite mines, processing and refining bauxite into alumina and smelters to process the alumina into aluminium billet, ingot and slab.

PMAHB operates a total of 70 extrusion presses in China and Malaysia, which all have finishing and fabrication facilities incorporated or attached. PMI supplies international companies, which both hold large scale contractual supply agreements in the US and the UK. PMAA services the commercial, residential, aviation and transport sectors.

With production capability for 5000, 6000 and 7000 series aluminium, Press Metal International offers a complete production chain with billet casting, extrusion, surface finishing and advanced fabrication facilities.

Main verticals the company services in the Australian market include transport, building, renewable energy, computer, communications, and consumer-electronics.

PMAA overseas sales director, Wilson Yau, said every year is viewed as a challenge for Press Metal to stand with its customers through rough times for business.

“We show our devotion to the industry by improving the technology and qualities of our customer’s product,” he said. “It is a long venture to establish the relationship and maintain a steady supply to the customer under unexpected fluctuations.

“We strive to continuously grow and contribute to industries around the world by promoting the benefits and strengths of aluminium. We believe that this unique material will be the ‘material of choice’ for the next 100 years and we want to be at the forefront of this revolutionary innovation. Our vision is to grow together with the world to bring forth the next step in human evolution.

“We connect the upstream as Press Metal Aluminium Holdings Bhd,(being the holding company of PMAHB) the largest aluminium smelter in Southeast Asia, is a 50 per cent stake holder in Japan Alumina Associates (Australia),” Yau said.

“JAA holds a 10 per cent stake in Worsley Alumina unincorporated joint venture which owns and operates the Worsley alumina project, one of the world’s largest, longest life and lowest cost alumina producers.

“It is an effective approach towards ensuring Press Metal’s long-term access to raw material and reduces its exposure and reliance on third party suppliers.”

PMAHB also constructed a third smelter in Samalaju Industrial Park in Sarawak, East Malaysia. The new plant increases the group’s total smelting capacity up to 1.08 million tonnes a year upon full power drawdown, from the current 760,000 tonnes per annum. PMIT is the largest aluminium producer in southeast Asia.

“We currently provide over 50 units of heliport to offshore and connecting bases. We provide special marine type alloys in prefabricated modules, such as decking panels and T- bars,” Yau said. “We provide standard and tailor-made units and living cabins for offshore platforms. All kinds of fabrication enquiries will be considered from general CNC machining to Fiction Stir Welding (FSW).

The company has more than two hundred sets of precision machines, such as lathes, milling machines, presses, drilling machines, cutting machines, CNC machining centres, bending machines, presses, tapping machines and other equipment, which are used to process aluminium products with different specifications, angles, and precision requirements for the annual capacity of up to 60,000 metric tons.

Combining the advantages of the upstream industry chain and collectivised operation management, PMIT is fully able to meet customer demand for product diversification, stable and reliable product quality, and fast and efficient delivery.

Relying on implementing ISO/TS 16949 automotive quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OSHAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, and fully using OA paperless office platform and SAP ERP information management system, Press Metal can provide customers with efficient, high-quality, reliable service and products.

Press Metal International capabilities in a snapshot

  • Focused on production of aluminium profiles and parts (marine products such as ladders, portholes, mast, plank, deck, truss, container structure parts, helideck)
  • Equipped with 7000T UBE extrusion press to produce complex structure profiles – general annual extrusion capacity reaches 120,000 tonnes
  • Certified by the Classification Society Certifications of CCS (China), ABS (America), DNV (Norway), BV (France and NK (Japan)
  • Certified as National Hi-tech Enterprise, China Accreditation Laboratory
  • Highly developed extrusion processes for light-weight watercraft designs, widely applicable to medium to high-end ships and marine platforms

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