Coolon’s connected lights clean sweep

Endeavour Awards

Digitisation is the ultimate goal of the rapidly evolving and sometimes seemingly limitless world of Internet of Things (IoT). With this in mind, Coolon LED Lighting puts smart networking nodes inside the industry’s best, most robust lights, enabling digitisation in any mining, industrial, manufacturing, chemical, defence, food and beverage, commercial or other industry facilities.  

Andrew Orkin, business development manager for Coolon LED Lighting said while digitalisation of industrial processing plants is worthwhile, it can be extremely challenging because of the complex and hazardous environment of industrial settings.

Running cables and setting up Wi-Fi coverage is challenging, costly, and disruptive to operations, while radio signal propagation is often impossible due to the presence of massive steel and concrete infrastructures, as well as constant electromagnetic noise from various types of equipment. 

“Coolon’s lights now come fitted with smart wireless mesh networking nodes inside,” he said. “The new technology acts almost like a network of satellites which can achieve a variety of things which traditionally hasn’t been done before. Lighting is naturally positioned to provide the best radio coverage, by being mounted in elevated positions, constantly powered, located throughout the site, routinely inspected and essential to any facility.”

Coolon smart lights contain nodes inside the fittings, which enables almost “plug-and-play” capability, offering immediate and effortless digitisation for mining and industrial sites, regardless of the size or complexity of the infrastructure. Once installed, the lights can automatically create a wireless mesh network that covers the whole site, solving connectivity challenges: one node only needs to service a limited area around itself and pass the data onto its neighbour for re-transmission. 

The lights hold many capabilities, for instance the mesh network offers the ideal backbone for asset tracking service providers to roll out their services with high accuracy and low latency. Gaining real-time site-wide visibility enables site management to instantly locate any tagged item anywhere on site, including indoors and underground, with relative precision, maximising asset utilisation efficiency and productivity. 

Orkin explained Coolon Brilliant Connected Lights do not only represent disruptive innovation but provide a backbone for thousands of emerging IoT-dependent services and technologies. 

“We spend a lot of time and most of our money on research and development,” he said. “And we will continue to update our product range with new technology. It’s about the technology revolutionising what people do from day-to-day.”