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The SEW Eurodrive MOVIGEAR Size 1 provides better economies of scale for manufacturers.

SEW Eurodrive’s industry specialist, John Gattellari, talks to Manufacturers’ Monthly about how the company’s new, smaller MOVIGEAR Classic Size 1 drive unit can help manufacturers create savings and improve efficiencies.

As the first component of the new decentralised product portfolio from the MOVI-C modular automation system, the MOVIGEAR Classic Size 1 is a compact and highly energy efficient mechatronic drive unit. Comprising of a permanent magnet motor closely coupled to highly optimised helical gearing mounted in lightweight aluminium housing, it is designed for lower torque demands primarily aimed at applications in the torque range between 10 and 100Nm. The new Size 1 will initially be available exclusively for control
via external control electronics, in conjunction with the MOVITRAC LT frequency inverter range or MOVI-C automation modular controller.

An addition to the highly successful MOVIGEAR sizes 2 and 4, rated for torque classes ranging from 200 Nm to 400 Nm respectively, the release of a smaller MOVIGEAR, according to SEW Eurodrive’s John Gattellari, now completes the MOVIGEAR product family.

“The MOVIGEAR Classic in Size 1 provides better economies of scale for manufacturers. Previously, using one of the larger models for a torque demand lower than 100 Nm probably didn’t stack up from the perspective of maximising system efficiency,” Gattellari said. “So now, the Size 1 makes that kind of torque class viable. In order to optimise the energy savings, it is crucial to select the appropriate component to suit the torque demand.”

Saving on energy

“Using every opportunity to save energy is not only an important contribution to conserving the environment, but it also pays off financially to choose an optimum drive size,” Gattellari said. “In fact, using the MOVIGEAR family, a manufacturer could potentially save up to 50 per cent in energy cost in comparison to traditional drive solutions.”

The MOVIGEAR motor complies with IE4 (or super premium efficiency) standards, which surpasses the IE2 standards mandated throughout Australia. “The extreme level of energy efficiency inherent to the MOVIGEAR drive can help manufacturers future-proof their plant equipment,” Gattellari said.

According to Gattellari, having three physical sizes boasting a constant torque throughout
a wide speed range combined with a common essential system design are some of the traits that set the MOVIGEAR range apart from other drive systems. “High overload capability, availability of multiple shaft sizes coupled with an optimised project planning process all contribute to a reduction of unit variants required for an installation. The result for the plant operator is minimisation of inventory,” he said.

Keeping it hygenic

Alongside the energy savings that can be made, according to Gattellari, the unit’s smooth surfaces and fan-less design make it a suitable option for manufacturers working in the strict hygiene standards of the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. “The fan-less design not only reduces noise but also ensures no swirling of air, dirt and particles – ensuring minimisation of bacteria spread in clean-room installations. This is a real benefit for manufacturers,” he said.

Gattellari indicated that the MOVIGEAR was well-suited for conveying applications aimed at industries including food processing, bottling, and logistics. “We’ve got quite a lot of these products being used worldwide in food and beverage plants, distribution centres and airports. The standout with MOVIGEAR is the adaptability of the unit. It makes it very simple to put the same unit into different industries. The result is not only more efficiency but ultimately a reduction of the total costs of ownership,” he said.

Easy installation

The ability of the units to be easily retrofitted into existing installations is another aspect
that sets the MOVIGEAR family apart from other drive alternatives. Existing plants can be modernised with energy efficient drive solutions, with minimal mechanical reconfigurations resulting in reduced disruption times during the changeover process.

“Manufacturers look for compact design. The unit’s simplified equipment integration, due to the industry standard hollow shaft dimensions, make retrofitting easy,” said Gattellari. “It is very simple to install on existing and established conveyor systems.”

Overall, according to Gattellari, the MOVIGEAR Classic range allows for manufacturers and plant operators to both optimise their processes and create savings in energy, space, cleaning, maintenance and inventory. “It has exceptional reliability alongside energy efficiency to help achieve environmental targets including reducing carbon emissions,” he said.

The MOVIGEAR Size 1 is the first mechatronic component of the evolving MOVI-C modular automation portfolio. Further mechatronic drive components and automation drive controllers will progressively expand SEW Eurodrive’s portfolio throughout 2019 and beyond.

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