Chain lube keeps ag machines running smooth

In line with recent innovations in the field of lubrication, aerosols and adhesive technology, most modern harvester machines contain a self-oiling reservoir or a self-greasing board for providing an ongoing source of lubrication. 

However, according to Angela Chardon, the Managing Director at Candan Industries – who produce the popular INOX lubricants – many farmers still prefer a ‘hands on’ approach’ to their machine maintenance and often use machines that require manual lubrication.

Candan’s premium grade product, the INOX MX9 No-Chukka Chain Lube, has been a best-seller at BSC since its introduction to the market in 2007. 

“We tested it numerous times with different oil viscosities to get the right balance. It contains the extreme pressure friction modifier PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) for slick performance and special tackifiers to bond to the chain,” explains Angela. “These properties give it increased lubrication for reduction in the wear of the chain and helps in reducing operating temperatures.” 

On a farm, there are always a few machines that use chains for hoisting, hauling, conveying, or driving a motor. The combine harvester is one such machine. A combine is used for harvesting crops such as oats, wheat, barley, rye, corn, sunflower, linseed, canola, and soybeans.

The machine is used to collect seeds or edible parts which are placed at the top of the grains, while inedible or damaged parts are discarded behind into the field.  The large link chains require lubrication to operate the rotary elements of the harvesting and threshing units. 

A combine harvester also aids in the placement and storing of the harvested crops. The processes performed by a combine harvester include multiple activities such as cutting, hauling, and moving crops to a threshing location.  

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