Celebrating 120 years of passion for performance

120 years

Chicago Pneumatic compressors have helped manufacturers deliver on productivity for decades.

At Chicago Pneumatic, we share a legacy of passion for performance and long-lasting partnerships. In 2021, we are proudly celebrating 120 years and we are as committed as ever to offering innovative, reliable products and service based on technology and trust. 

What’s so special about CP People? 

At Chicago Pneumatic we consider ourselves to be more than a company. We are a global, connected family who share a genuine passion for performance. Our strong network of authorised and trained dealers are always close-by and ready to deliver the most suitable products and to support you in every way. 

The passion that builds the brand 

We are proud of our legacy and the trust we have earned from customers and partners over many decades in business together. Our brand comes with a promise to deliver products and solutions that help you stay on top of your productivity. We share your passion to keep your business up and running for many decades to come. 

Caring for your performance 

We believe in performance that stands the test of time. Our global R&D centres are developing intelligent products, based on technology that you can rely on. We put great effort in keeping delivery schedules and offering timely and qualified application support and service. Our hardworking, robust products are designed for productivity and safe operations yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

Enough about us, what about you… do you know why machine shops need air compressors? 

Cutting, shaping, drilling, and finishing, compressed air is critical for any machine shop. Shops rely heavily on the compressed air system to assist in a variety of operation processes. Commonly the parts produced are used in the machine industry, car industry or even the aircraft industry. A traditional workday in a machine shop requires the use of air compressors to generate an intermittent or continuous source of pressurised air. 

120 years
R&D centres produce intelligent products, based on technology that manufacturers can rely on.

Metal Lathes: Originally designed for metal, but now available for all types of materials used in machine shops. Powered by compressed air, this machine allows the material to be rotated and cut with precision. 

Milling MachinesUsually used to machine flat surfaces but can also produce irregular surfaces. They can also be used to drill, bore, cut gears, and produce slots, all of which are powered by air. 

Grinding Machines: Grinding of metal (and other materials) to eliminate imperfections after cutting is essential.   

Paint Booth: Depending how big your shop is, a paint booth is required to paint the parts being manufactured. The spray gun is operated by compressed air. 

Air Guns: During machining operations, material is usually removed from the work piece to accomplish the intended shape. This results in chips, dust, oil, dirt, and other contaminants becoming entrapped on the cutting tools and cutting surface. These unwanted materials can block the manufacturing process by reducing machining accuracy and can eventually cause damage to the tooling. Frequently, using a blast of dry compressed air will keep areas of concern free from contaminants. 

CNC Machines: (AKA Computer numerical control) This machine processes a piece of material to meet specifications by following a coded programmed instruction and without a manual operator, all ran by compressed air. 

Water Recovery Filtration: Recycling water is a huge cost saver for any shop. The filtration process requires air to operate valves and re-circulation process. 

Pain Points for Machine Shops (that we can help with!) 

Budget: The key to avoiding a regrettable purchase is to know what the different types can offer you. Starting with the end goal in mind is how you will find the best air compressor for the money. 

Condensation: During CNC machining, it is crucial that the compressed air used to clean exposed surfaces is sufficiently dry. Air that contains undesirable amounts of moisture can condense on colder surfaces, ultimately resulting in corrosion in the metal work piece and/or the tooling. 

CFM Requirements: It’s important to know if the compressor you purchase will drive the tool or equipment you’ll need for your project. 

NOISE!: Metal hitting or sliding against metal can be loud! Typically, the more moving parts an air compressor has, the louder it will be. This is true in the motor as well. 

Electrical Complicity: Understanding your power supply at your business will guide you on the air compressor choices. What is the voltage available? 

First Time Buying an Air Compressor? 

Using an air compressor in your shop is far more economical and efficient than running electric tools.  Air compressors can be located inside or outside of your shop. If outdoors, a separate shed should be built around it to protect it from the elements (rain, weather, dirt, etc). If located indoors, it should be placed in a location as far from the work as possible and will provide adequate ventilation. An indoor shed may also be constructed if this is not possible. 

Let us explain you why you should partner up with Chicago Pneumatic 
Award Winning Customer Service 

From technical support to customer support, Chicago Pneumatic prides ourselves on putting the customer first. 

High Quality, Lower Cost 

Quiet, reliable, easy to maintain, and won’t break the bank! CP Compressors are the perfect balance of value and features. 

Warranty you Can Count On 

When purchasing an air compressor, the quality and details of the warranty are important for both your business and your satisfaction. 

Convinced you yet? 

Jump online or pick up the phone on 1300 555 284 and chat with one of our specialists in compressed air. With 120 years’ experience up our sleeve, we will be able to assist you with all your compressed air requirements. We have a team nationwide to support you with both sales and aftermarket queries. 120 years of People, Passion and Performance. 

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