CAPS’ new range of generators


Engines with low fuel consumption help contribute to further cost savings.

CAPS has partnered with a major manufacturer to the European market to create an affordable generator while still using premium quality components.

For over 41 years, CAPS has been Australia’s largest independent supplier of power generation and air compression products. With proven global engineering and export capabilities, the team of experts undertakes turnkey projects which include the design, supply, installation, commissioning, and provision of long term maintenance support to Australian industry standards (ISO 9001:2008).

As well as being a master distributor of KOHLER and AIRMAN generators, CAPS has partnered with a major manufacturer to the European market to create an affordable generator while still using premium quality components. Some of the components include LeRoy Somer alternators, Perkins, Doosan or Baudouin engines, ABB breakers and industry renown control systems.

CAPS fully supports and stands behind everything it sells – with a focus on guaranteeing generators will be high quality, dependable and suitable for your prime power or back-up power requirements.

Meeting tough industry testing and quality standards is the first step to the generator’s rapid response, powering up in seconds to deliver quality power during voltage and frequency changes.

The CAPS Generator CP45-TB1.

Engines and Alternators

In all CAPS generators are leading engine and alternator brands that have state of the art technology and have compliance with international standard.

Engines with low fuel consumption provide accurate speed setting and order, mount to the fuel pump and have mechanic or electronic type governors.  The alternators have bearing system which don’t need maintenance, with electronic a type voltage regulator providing voltage setting.

Chassis and Fuel Tank

Chassis is manufactured from steel that has features and durability for carrying the burden of a generator.

Thanks to its rigid structural design and anti-vibration mounts, it reduces vibration levels to a minimum. All chassis’ contain lifting lugs. In less than 1,600 kVA power generators, fuel tank is produced integrated into the chassis. In more than 1,600 kVA power generators, a rectangular type fuel tank is provided with the generator separately. In all types of fuel tank have its level and indicator.


  • Compatible with 2000/14/EC directives, certified noise emission level
  • 2 or 4 points transport possibility according to cabin size Hidden exhaust inside the canopy
  • Emergency stop button located on the canopy Improved air suction channel to ensure homogenous cooling in the canopy
  • Radiator air outlet and exhaust with designed towards above
  • Lid on cab that provides to be filled up water and antifreeze easily to the radiator
  • Amplified paint system against corrosion and rusting
  • Improved performance in terms of sound insulation
  • Demounted parts that make transportation and maintenance easier
  • In accordance with customer requests, private canopy production with desired sound level/size

Control panels

Standard control panel, that is used in CAPS generators, ensures comfortable and safe usage. All measured and statistical parameters, operating modes, notice and alarms and condition of generator, are monitored easily from the control panel.  On the front of the panel’s metal body has electronic control module and the emergency stop button and the panel’s metal body is made of steel sheet and is painted with electrostatic powder paint.


  • Medium voltage alternator
  • Remote radiator applications automatic fuel filling system
  • Fuel tank, oil pan, dashboard, alternator, coil heaters
  • Alternator with double AVR and PMG synchronisation systems
  • The generator output breaker,
  • Grid-generator transfer switches, accordance with the specific volume of demand-insulated cabins
  • Seismic solutions
  • Trailer
  • Remote monitoring
A Teksan control panel.

Back-up power solution

Australian manufacturers need to consider the risks associated with a potentially unreliable power supply. There are a multitude of processes critical to manufacturing plants and these processes could be adversely affected if there are any prolonged interruption due to an unscheduled grid failure. What would be the cost of losing production, plant, fridges, computers, lights, and staff not working for one hour, two hours or more?

Complete in-house solution – start to finish

Delivering a back-up diesel generator, especially for the manufacturing segment, involves several challenges, such as real estate constraints, rapid start-up along with performance and emissions issues. This is why CAPS Australia’s complete solution provide; system design via our in-house engineers, build in our Australian ISO accredited manufacturing facility and commission a custom-built system, perfectly matched to individual requirements.

Our extended generator range

CAPS Australia only supply quality generators, and outside of our own range, we also distribute other major OEM brands such as KOHLER and AIRMAN generators.

KOHLER has 100 years’ experience in the power generation segment. CAPS has also introduced its own newly released range of generators built in Europe. Both are made to the highest standards and have built a solid reputation as dependable mains backup generators. With sizes starting at 9kVA and going right up to 4,500kVA, CAPS can assist you with any backup generator requirement.

CAPS is also the Australian distributor for AIRMAN generators, which sit mainly in the prime power generation space.  AIRMAN are synonymous with bullet proof Japanese built quality.

24/7 rapid response service

To ensure your back-up power equipment is always ready to perform when needed, CAPS offers a nationwide service network with the ability to service and repair your equipment. Our highly trained technicians continually update their knowledge, and they have the model-by-model knowledge required to give you piece of mind.

Safety is a core value of CAPS, and our goal is never to put people, plant or the environment at risk. You can be confident that our technicians will be completely compliant to any site-specific safety requirements you have.

For more information, call your local CAPS Australia office on 1800 800 878 or visit