Business as usual during a power outage


CAPS Australia’s complete solutions provides a system design via its in-house engineers, built in its Australian ISO accredited manufacturing facility.

Australian manufacturers need to consider the risks associated with a potentially unreliable power supply. There are a multitude of processes critical to manufacturing plants and these processes could be adversely affected if there are any prolonged interruption due to an unscheduled grid failure. What would be the cost of losing production, plant, fridges, computers, lights, and staff not working for one hour, two hours or more?  

With the recent run of natural disasters in Australia, and a reluctance by power companies to build new coal or gas fired power stations, it is little wonder that many businesses are investing in backup generators. By using an auto-start equipped generator and an automatic transfer switch (ATS) connected into mains power, your business can continue to operate efficiently with little interruption during a power outage. 

Complete in-house solution 

Delivering a back-up diesel generator, especially for the manufacturing segment, involves several challenges, such as real estate constraints, rapid start-up along with performance and emissions issues. This is why CAPS Australia’s complete solution provides a system design via our in-house engineers, built in our Australian ISO accredited manufacturing facility and commissioned custom-built system, perfectly matched to individual requirements.  

CAPS Australia only supply quality generators including the KOHLER range from France.

CAPS Australia’s generators 

However, a wise tip is to always buy a quality generator, as it will last for many years and work when it needs to work.  Buying the cheapest unit could be a false economy and not provide the reliable power you are aiming for.  After all a cheap generator that will not start when needed is the same as having not installing a generator at all. 

CAPS Australia only supply quality generators including the KOHLER range from France.  KOHLER has 100 years’ experience in the power generation segment. CAPS has also introduced its own newly released range of generators built in Europe. Both are made to the highest standards and have built a solid reputation as dependable mains backup generators. With sizes starting at 9kVA and going right up to 4,500kVA, CAPS can assist you with any backup generator requirement. 

 “CAPS Australia can provide advice on how to select the right generator for your business, and most local electricians can connect the generator and transfer switch to your power system. KOHLER is one of the world’s leading generator suppliers and is widely used and trusted in critical applications including high-rise commercial buildings, airports, water authorities, data centres and RSL clubs to mention a few. We are also excited about the recently launched CAPS range which features quality components and an exceptional build standard,” said Gordon Gellatly, CAPS Australia national sales manager. 

CAPS Australia is a leading Australian agent for KOHLER and have branches throughout Australia to provide sales, technical support, service support and parts. 

24/7 rapid response service 

To ensure your back-up power equipment is always ready to perform when needed, CAPS offers a nationwide service network with the ability to service and repair your equipment. Our highly trained technicians continually update their knowledge, and they have the model-by-model knowledge required to give you peace of mind.

Safety is a core value of CAPS, and our goal is never to put people, plant, or the environment at risk. You can be confident that our technicians will be completely compliant to any site-specific safety requirements you have. 

Who is CAPS Australia? 

CAPS Australia is a privately owned and proud Australian company intent on remaining at the forefront of compressed air, gas generation and power generation solutions. We serve the manufacturing, mining, food and beverage, wastewater treatment, construction, oil and gas, and much more nationally and internationally. We have: 

  • over 40 years of experience in the Australian market; 
  • 9 branches reach right around the country with over 160 employees;  
  • 60 service technicians covering the full national footprint with a 24/7 service offering;  
  • a vast inventory of spare parts;  
  • an independent company with the flexibility to search globally for the best products and technologies that best serve the Australian market’s needs;  
  • CAPS has world-renowned partner brands such as Ingersoll Rand, Kohler, AIRMAN, Sauer, Pedro Gil and many more; 
  • custom design, manufacturing, supply and service; and 
  • ISO 9001 accredited facilities. 

For further information, call your local CAPS Australia office on 1800 800 878 or visit our website