Bringing service and quality together with a storage solutions specialist

From humble beginnings to a now world-class competitor, storage specialist Shuter rose to success listening to the voice of the customer. Manufacturers’ Monthly finds out more.

Storage solutions specialists Shuter Enterprise was established in 1969 in Taiwan, starting out from a parking lot in Taiwan.

Today it is a a globalised world-class pioneering storage company. Currently, Shuter’s product line includes industrial sorting containers, household containers, office furniture and cabinets and stationery organisers.

Shuter attributes their success through the quality service that they deliver to their customers. Currently, it is headed by managing director, Wu Yira, a visionary who sees great value in not just producing quality products but also quality service.

“Shuter has always listened to the voice of our customers. And that makes all the difference in this business,” said Yira.

shuter2“We design products from the customers’ point of view, by finding the simplest way to build an ideal home for objects. We also redefine the appearance and ergonomics of traditional cabinet systems and balance people’s life with both beauty while retaining the human element.”

According to Yira, Shuter practices the best management policies while employing a highly professional research and development team. It also adheres to high standards in production and procedures on the factory floor.

“We have good experience in designing industrial sorting containers for more than 48 years. For production, we only use first-class materials which can extend product life cycle with grease-proof durability,” said Yira. Altogether, the company offers 27 kinds of drawers and more than 100 cabinets to meet the needs of any client.

Sharing a little bit about its success Yira told Manufacturers’ Monthly that it develops its high-quality products with a unique combination and use of plastic and metal.

For example, Shuter’s ST professional steel cabinet series are constructed using high-quality galvanised steel, high impact polypropylene (PP) or Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) drawers, along with innovative multi-material combinations.

All of their parts are specialised to carry heavy-duty repair tools or auto parts. Lockable casters make transportation safe and easy. Cabinets can be stacked up with cabinets or Shuter filing cabinets of the same width to help customers efficiently manage their workspace.

The company works to give back to the community and environment. Since 2004, Shuter has worked to become a “corporate citizen” in Taiwan. “We sponsor various charities that implement and promote environmental protection preserving natural resources, to integrate our effort in protecting the earth,” said Yira.

“Shuter has a common vision which is: Stand out, represent Taiwan and be one of the top 100 brands in the world. We also believe that giving back to the community and environment is the right thing to do as that is part of our corporate social responsibilities,” says Yira.

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