BOGE Compressors expands

The company’s success has led to growth in their range of compressors and acknowledgement. 

BOGE Compressors Australia is defined by their motto, “first-class engineering, made in Germany”. This approach has led to the local expansion of the business and its recognition as being a manufacturer of excellence.

Expanding their footprint at their Pakenham facilities in Victoria, BOGE Compressors Australia has relocated to a significantly larger facility. This expansion is due
to the continued growth of the business and the wide acceptance of the product by Australian manufacturers. The new facility, located in the same industrial estate as their present warehouse, will provide a much larger office space to cater for more staff as well as more than double the previous warehouse space.

BOGE has significantly grown its external yard facilities for receiving and despatching goods and truck drivers are already expressing their appreciation for the ease of access. Canopies over receiving and despatching doors mean containers can be unloaded out of the weather and most goods despatched can be loaded under cover. Due to the large volumes of machines being received and despatched, this new facility is critical to the on-going success of the business.

With the increase in demand for compressors, the company now keeps a large range of machines in stock ready for delivery. This includes oil-injected screw compressors from 5.5hp up to 220hp, oil-free scroll compressors from 4kW to 22kW, a large range of medical and desiccant dryers, refrigerated air dryers to over 2,000cfm, 40bar boosters, and a huge range of spare parts. Aluminium pipes and fittings are now also supplied by BOGE and are also in increased demand.

In addition to BOGE’s current product range, the new C-2 series will be available in Australia from Q4 this year. These new models, ranging from 11kW to 22kW, have been re-designed and will be available in more variations. These will include tank mounted units, VSD options as well as the possibility of integrated air dryers. This will mean customers can select the most cost-effective solution that best meets their needs.

BOGE Compressors Australia has also been recently acknowledged by the Australian government as a manufacturer of excellence. Recognised as an Australian Trusted Trader (ATT), BOGE was presented with this recognition at a gala function sponsored by the Australian Border Force. Jason Wood, Assistant Minister for Customs, Community Safety and Multicultural Affairs and Justine Wood, the acting commissioner for the Australian Border Force presented the certification.

According to ATT operations superintendent, Martin Mosely, it is a great achievement for a company to be able to comply with the stringent processes required to be admitted to the ATT program. While the program has benefits for the participants, companies such as BOGE can also be very proud of their contribution to Australia’s border security and bio- security protection.

BOGE Compressors is one of very few compressor companies trading in Australia that comply with the stringent ATT requirements and that have been recognised and listed as a Trusted Trader. While the ATT program is expected to continue to expand, there are less than 500 Australian companies that presently comply.

Ensuring that BOGE continues to be well-regarded across the sector, training seminars are also a feature of the BOGE strategy to support their selected distributor network and in July this year BOGE Germany will provide a product expert to conduct such training locally. These seminars are always free of charge to the distributor and are part of the on-going commitment that BOGE have to train and support their sales and service partners.

Jim Rohner, managing director of BOGE Australia, highlighted how BOGE’s recent announcements are of benefit to customers.

“The continued growth of the BOGE brand enables us to keep increasing our product offering. This ensures customers can trust BOGE to provide a cost-efficient solution to meet their needs.”

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