BOGE Compressors – celebrating 114 years in business

More than 100 years since the founding of BOGE Compressors, the company’s heritage of high-quality German manufacturing is making its mark around the globe.

From humble beginnings more than 114 years ago, Mr Otto Boge started his business. As the world changed and cars become the norm, the business evolved from door openers to air pumps for petrol stations and then stand-alone air compressors. Today, BOGE proudly remains a family-owned company and is a global entity spanning across many countries.

The letters B.O.G.E also stands for “Best of German Engineering” and the company prides itself in that heritage continuing to manufacture at their main plant, based in Bielefeld. The second large plant is based near Dresden, and this is where BOGE manufacture their own high efficiency screws for the air ends that they use in their various models of compressors.

Customers still regard “Made in Germany” as a significant point of difference when it comes to buying a compressor. Quality and reliability are critical when a business is reliant on compressed air for their production. That is why BOGE concentrate their efforts on the customer, recognising them as the most important link in the production process.

The BOGE product portfolio has expanded with time and as well as oil injected screw compressors the company is also at the forefront of oil free screw compressors, high pressure piston compressors and 40bar boosters, nitrogen and oxygen generators, refrigerated air dryers and special need desiccant dryers, filtration and all ancillary equipment.

BOGE oil free scroll compressors are also now in high demand in the market especially in the medical sector. Quiet, with almost no vibration, the BOGE scroll compressor has an integrated controller allowing maximum flexibility to control multiple units.

BOGE oil free compressors are in high demand in the medical sector.

A snapshot of the product range available from BOGE in Australia:

  • Oil injected screw compressors from 4kW to 315kW, fixed speed or variable speed options
  • Oil free screw compressors up to 355kW, air cooled, water cooled, fixed speed and variable speed
  • Oil injected high pressure piston compressors from .65 to 18.5kW and 15 to 40 bar
  • Oil free piston and scroll compressors from 4 to 22kW
  • Refrigerated air dryers from 14cfm to over 6,000cfm capacity
  • Desiccant dryers from 13cfm to 3,600cfm capacity and up to -40deg dewpoint


For the complete product range please visit

The central warehouse in Melbourne, Australia also stocks a huge range of competitively priced spare parts and all BOGE oils for all applications including mineral oils, synthetic oils, food grade oil and bio-degradable oil. All parts and oils are readily available for immediate despatch.

BOGE Australia markets their products to all states of Australia, New Zealand, PNG and Fiji. To support the brand BOGE have a network of highly trained and skilled sales and service partners in all of these markets to look after the customer and their valuable investment.

For further information visit where you will find the complete product range as well as your local BOGE sales and service partner. You can also call (03) 5940 5913 and a representative will be pleased to assist you with your enquiry.

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