The benefits of LPG bulk tanks for your business

LPG bulk tanks

Australian industrial gas supplier, Elgas, provides LPG bulk tanks for industries that use high volumes of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) – an efficient and reliable energy source that provides exceptional convenience for businesses. 

Typically, appliances and machinery will run on natural gas, but it’s important to know the difference between the two. Unlike natural gas, which they extract from deep within the earth, LPG occurs during oil refining.  

In Australia, LPG is propane gas and has high heating, which means as an energy source it provides a high level of heat in a short time. LPG results in lower CO2 emissions than other energy sources, which makes it a far better choice for the environment.  

Given its higher calorific value, it burns “hotter” than natural gas with highly controllable temperatures. During the process, there is little gas heat loss during use and clean output. These factors make it the perfect solution for factories and warehouses.  

With no peak and off-peak pricing levels, bulk LPG tanks for heating is also extremely cost-effective. Therefore, commercial businesses such as transport terminals, factories and various agricultural and construction spaces are most likely to make the switch.  

Industrial LPG cylinders come in two configurations: liquid withdrawal and vapour withdrawal. It comes out as a liquid if drawn from the bottom, and if taken from the top, it comes out as vapour. Each type of industrial cylinder is made for different uses.  

LPG bulk tanks

Whether vapour or liquid, it’s easily transported in tanks or cylinders, making it ideal for businesses without easy access to a natural gas network. LPG bulk gas supply includes tank delivery, and all bulk gas tanks are provided to fit the needs of your business.  

Ready availability and consistency of LPG make it an industry go-to for energy supply. For example, the manufacture of glass and ceramic products is complicated due to numerous chemical reactions during production.  

These industries will frequently rely on bulk LPG tanks as a fuel source because it enhances product quality and reduces the technical problems they usually face during manufacturing. Elsewhere, LPG’s benefits can be seen in process-heating and powering industrial machinery.  

For example, LPG is highly beneficial for powering industrial kilns, furnaces, packing materials and powering gas engines in forklifts or industrial boilers. It also plays a significant role in civil engineering applications.  

In engineering, commercial uses for LPG can include heating bitumen, repairing and laying roads, illuminating road signs and floodlighting. Plus, aerosol products require pure field-grade LPG as a fuel for household products. 

Elgas also offers various LPG gas payment options and an easy-to-use online platform. With just a few clicks, you can make payments, order bulk gas tanks, check gas delivery dates, download duplicate invoices and more.  

With over 40 service centres across Australia, Elgas has nearly 400 LPG tankers and cylinder trucks that guarantee rapid supply and reliable tanker delivery for bulk users, no matter where you are. Whatever your LPG needs, Elgas has a solution.