Automation is the key to future-proofing


The panel building and switchgear manufacturing sector needs comprehensive digitalisation and automation if it is to keep pace with the demands of smart factories and Industry 4.0.

As leading partners to panel builders and switchgear manufacturers, Rittal in association with Eplan offers complete end-to-end system solutions for all processes from a single source.

End-to-end data is the real success factor, saving time and money in your value creation process, preventing errors and leading to a lasting improvement in productivity. At the heart of all this is the digital twin of the actual product, which links all process steps – from electrical engineering through to service operations. Products from Rittal and Eplan provide comprehensive support at every stage of the entire process – from engineering, sourcing and manufacturing through to operations and IT. They enable you to reap the rewards of successfully completing the transformation to Industry 4.0.

Rittal provides tailored Industrial and IT solutions for the data required and generated during the production process. These range from modular, scalable system architecture and energy-efficient data centres with innovative security concepts for physical data and system backups all the way through to edge cloud data centres in the actual production environment that combine data sovereignty and real-time capabilities with AI-based applications. Wherever industry and IT are growing closer, Rittal has the perfect solution.

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