Autodesk Manufacturing Innovation Event

Generative Design and Additive Manufacturing

Technology Park Bentley
Theater Room, 2 Brodie-Hall Dr, Bentley WA 6102
Wednesday, 28th September 2016
Limited places available.

Registration and networking begins at 5pm.

Richard Elving – Future Of Making Things

As we enter a new industrial era, Australian manufacturing has an opportunity to place itself at the centre of this disruption and become a driving force in this 4th industrial revolution. But the traditional approaches to competitive advantage are no longer enough. Our objective is to enable Australian Manufacturers to Design, Make and Sell Great Aussie Products everywhere through a truly agile product innovation platform that increases productivity, innovation and delivers what we like to think of as repetitive advantage.

Matthew McKnight – Additive Manufacturing and Generative Design

Why additive manufacturing isn’t a fad and how it’s transforming the way companies design and making things. Additive Manufacturing (AM), or 3D Printing (as it’s more commonly known), is already changing the way manufacturers design and make things. From small commercial units to large production machines, the adoption of AM is happening at a rapid rate. In particular this is happening in Australia with 100’s of manufacturers implementing additive manufacturing into their processes, often in unique and novel ways. This session will look at the latest advancements in AM, the ways that manufacturers are or can implement AM and break down some of the traditional barriers associated with adoption of AM in the design and manufacture workflow.

David Budge, Managing Director of Aurora Labs The next industrial revolution”.

Aurora Labs – Metal 3D Printer Manufacturer from Perth, WA

Wrap up Drinks/Pizza until 8pm

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