Authorised distributor of imc CAEMAX and telemetry system in Australia

Imc Test & Measurement GmbH manufactures and provides measurement solutions for productive testing in the field of automotive, mechanical engineering, railway, aerospace and energy. As leading sensors and instrumentation suppliers in Australia and New Zealand, Bestech Australia has been supplying imc data acquisition hardware and software for the industry and research institution since 2019.

We are now pleased to announce the addition of the wireless digital telemetry system, imc CAEMAX and KMT into our product portfolio. The telemetry system is highly suitable for measurement on the rotating components and moving machinery. It is ideal for advanced research and development applications or production of automotive, rail or wind turbine.

Our imc telemetry system encompasses inductive single channel digital telemetry for short distance measurement, radio telemetry system and complete telemetry solution for brake and vehicle testing. The telemetry system can be used for a wide variety of measurement tasks such as strain gauge measurement on rotating shaft, temperature measurement on brake wheel or non-contact measurement on the vehicle drive train. Bestech offers not only products but also full local technical supports from our trained application engineers to guide you through the product specification, consulting, installation and after-sales support.

Please visit this page for more technical information on the imc telemetry system. For request on product demonstration or consultation, please call our local office on (03) 9540 5100 or send us an email enquiry through the Contact Us page or to

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