Australian made landfill-biodegradable tubing


Image credit: FieldTech Solutions

Australian made biodegradable polyethylene tubing is helping to solve the single-use plastic issue for the environmental groundwater monitoring industry.

For an industry expected to be at the forefront of environmentally responsible practices, finding suitable alternatives that do not sacrifice the integrity of groundwater sample results has proved to be a difficult task. 

Polyethylene tubing is used extensively within the industry for obtaining groundwater samples. Often supplied in lengths of 100m, this tubing is only used once before being discarded directly to landfill. 

The advent of landfill-biodegradable plastics provides an innovative solution to the growing single-use plastic tubing problem within the environmental monitoring industry. Landfill-biodegradable tubing is entirely biodegradable under typical landfill conditions, while retaining the same structural properties that give consultants confidence in the accuracy of their results.  

The mechanism for biodegradation is an organic additive that attracts the correct species of microbes found in common waste environments and then induces them to secrete enzymes specifically for the biodegradation of plastic polymers. Landfill-biodegradable plastic products offer an environmentally responsible alternative to standard everyday use plastics. 

This novel solution was developed by Melbourne supplier of sustainable environmental monitoring equipment, FieldTech Solutions and is manufactured locally in NSW.

With an entire range of landfill-biodegradable monitoring equipment available, FieldTech Solutions is assisting the environmental monitoring industry in reducing the buildup of single-use plastic consumables in landfill. 

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