Air knives and custom air blowing solutions for all needs

Spray Nozzle Engineering supply the complete range of Silvent air knives, air curtains and custom blowing solutions for just about every application; from process to packaging; they can be constructed to specifically meet any requirements or operating parameters. The large range of products available combined with Spray nozzle Engineering’s 25 years’ experience, ensure an optimal solution to suit both unique applications and environmental needs.

Compressed air has many uses in industry; to clean, dry, sort or cool processes during manufacture. Using an open pipe to supply compressed air can result in excessive noise levels and compressed air wastage; as well as being a potential injury hazard to personnel. To combat this, Spray Nozzle Engineering supply a range of safety air nozzles which drastically reduce compressed usage without compromising blowing force, reducing air noise, all the while using patented nozzle design that prevents injury by the operator from dead ending or skin contact.

A major international transport component manufacturer, who has a multitude of compressed air points throughout their manufacturing sites, had a specialised application requiring compressed air to blow away excess plastic and dust in the manufacturing process and to cool the panels as they were made. The existing system utilised a steel pipe containing holes was mounted across the panel width in order to supply the compressed air for blow off. This old set-up, not only created excessive noise, but also uneven and insufficient blowing coverage, a very inefficient use of their precious compressed air supply and a danger to their employees.

As the panels varied in width (from 2.40m to 2.90m), a better suited solution was required; a system of air nozzles where the outer nozzles could be switched on and off, according to the panel width in production. The Silvent system was chosen and from the standard range, a specific designed air knife consisting of 28, in-line Silvent 920 air nozzles was used. In the design, the two outer nozzles could be turned off via a ball valve. Two of these unique air knives were installed (one each above and below the panel in production), resulting in a marked reduction in the noise level and an effective and efficient use of the compressed air to cool and clean the panels.

Spray Nozzle Engineering is the exclusive supplier of Silvent’s safety air nozzles.
Spray Nozzle Engineering is the exclusive supplier of Silvent’s safety air nozzles.

The Silvent 920 air nozzle is a flat nozzle that provides a wide but thin line of compressed air. Constructed of zinc, the 920 air nozzle is most often used in air knife applications and can reduce noise levels by up to 77% and compressed air usage by up to 55%.

Silvent has a full range of stainless air knives for both food and industrial applications, as well as pre-made manifolds for ease of installation.

Spray Nozzle Engineering is the exclusive supplier of Silvent’s safety air nozzles, a complete range of safety air guns and safety silencers, for exhaust port silencing without effective valve efficiency; all available throughout Australia and New Zealand.


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