Air Compressor Basics: Reciprocating vs. Rotary Screw

Here is a review of reciprocating piston compressors against rotary screw compressors.

The key to choosing the ideal compressor for your needs is to match it to your job demands.

Small reciprocating and portable compressors are ideal for small job sites, whilst stationary rotary screw compressors provide much higher volumes of compressed air.

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Reciprocating air compressors are:
• Ideal for short-term or intermittent domestic and light industrial use
• Come in a small size and weight
• Only require simple maintenance procedures
• Have high noise levels
• Have a high cost of compression.
• Suits a variety of applications

Rotary screw air compressors are:
• Best for high volumes of constant compressed air
• Are more suited to regular industrial use
• Use twin screws, rather than pistons to create high pressure air
• Routine maintenance includes lubricant and filter changes.
• Part load capacity control systems can match system demand.
• Are available in a large variety of varieties, models and sizes