2015 Women in Industry Awards Finalists: Employer of the Year

Finalists for this year's Employer of the Year award have been revealed.

Independent Racking Inspections & Audits

Independent Racking Inspections & Audits, under the leadership of Jayne Helding, has fostered a unique flexible working environment for the many women who have been attracted to and retained by the company.

IRIA is unique in providing a dynamic working environment by offering flexible hours and the option of working remotely to enable women to work that would otherwise not be able to due to restricted requirements.

Even more unique is that IRIA operates in the male dominated industry of warehousing, and retains this model oriented at attracting and retaining a female workforce.

Melanie Daniels has been an employee of IRIA for four years, and says Helding has proven to be a inspiring leader.

“I find that Jayne values her employees and installs trust in them to get the job completed,” Daniels said.

“Her management style is very inclusive and encompassing.  Jayne makes a substantial impact on the business through her informed decision making and her ability to get the job done efficiently.

“I consider Jayne to be one of my mentors that I will refer to regularly when seeking advice or an opinion on a subject matter.”


At Cablex currently over 60 per cent of all staff members are female, well above the Australian engineering/equipment manufacturing average of 22 per cent. Women are also very well represented at management level and above, with 50 per cent being female.

Cablex’s COO and part owner Heidi Krebs is also a female. This high representation of females through all levels of the organisation has meant that women continue to be trained, challenged and mentored within the organisation and therefore given equal opportunities for progression within the company. Cablex has developed many formal workplace initiatives which women find favourable in the work place including job redesign, flexible working options for those with family responsibilities, up-skilling and the appointment of talented women into non-traditional roles.

The company also provides many social opportunities for the team which enable strong bonds and a high level of trust to be formed between all employees. Many of the factory level employees are from a variety of cultural backgrounds with English being their second language. The culture and set up of the factory space encourages them to feel part of a team and less isolated. They are continually provided with ongoing training and access to a variety of projects.

Cablex has developed a culture and working environment which encourages team work, community, precision, dexterity and quality. Unlike many other tradition manufacturing environments Cablex provides ongoing challenges to its staff, and is a family friendly and collaborative workplace.

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