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Faster displacement measurements with new capacitive controller

BesTech Australia introduces the capaNCDT 6222, a capacitive controller specially designed for high speed displacement, distance, and position measurements.

This makes it ideal for shaft run out, oscillation and vibration applications. The capaNCDT 6222 measures up to 20kHz, which is four times faster than its predecessors.

Its high accuracy also makes it suitable for high precision applications in laboratories and for industrial purposes.

The modular controller can be extended up to a maximum of four measurement channels, which can be added or removed by the user without any loss of performance or operation of the software.

The integrated Ethernet interface supports set up, configuration and measurements via web interface.

The flexibility of the new controller is supported by various installation options: the standard product is designed as a benchtop unit; using a simple adapter allows the unit to be mounted on a top-hat rail or to the wall.

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