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Fastbrick Robotics appoints new chairman

Robotic technology company Fastbrick Robotics (FBR) has announced the appointment of Richard Grellman as its new non- executive chairman, following the retirement from the Board of Shannon Robinson.

Grellman is currently the non-executive chairman of ASX-listed IPH Limited, director and chairman of the Audit Committee of ASX-listed Bisalloy Steel Group Limited and a director of the National Health and Medical Research Council Institute for Dementia Research. Grellman serves as the Tribunal of The NSW Statutory and Other Officers Remuneration Tribunal (SOORT), appointed by the Governor of NSW.

Grellman previously worked with accounting firm KPMG for 32 years and was a member of KPMG’s National Board from 1995 to 1997 and a member of the National Executive Committee from 1997 to 2000.

“Richard brings a wealth of experience and leadership to FBR, and we look forward to working with him. I would also like to acknowledge the retiring Chair, Shannon Robinson, who has played a key role in FBR’s rapid growththroughout her tenure,” FBR CEO Mike Pivac said.

FBR, a Perth-based company, designs, develops and builds dynamically stabilised robots to address global needs. These robots are designed to work outdoors using the company’s core Dynamic Stabilisation Technology (DST). FBR is commercialising products for the construction sector together with DST-enabled solutions for other industries.

In June, FBR signed a deal to pilot test its construction robot, Hadrian X, to build houses in Mexico in partnerships with Mexican construction company, GP Vivienda.

Hadrian X is a construction robot mounted into a classic cab over engine truck to easily transport it to and from a location for on-site building. The robot component could also be mounted onto other bases such as tracks, barges, boats and cranes to bring this unique capability to a range of environments.

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