Factory fires in the news

Following the massive explosions and fire at West Fertilizer factory north of Waco last week, a lot of thought has been given to what ifs: What if something went wrong at Incitec Pivot's Port Adelaide site; what if regulations failed at Orica's Kooragang Island plant; and what about the dangers anywhere there's a factory storage anything flammable, which means pretty much every factory that exists.

Footage such as the now-famous footage taken by a man with his son witnessing the blaze with is as compelling as it is horrifying.


"What if that was me and a loved one?" you can't help but ask while watching the video.

For you to observe, and to remind us of the awesome destructive power of fire – both very useful and occasionally very, very dangerous –  below are some images of recent factory fires. 


An aluminium die-casting factory at Harrison, Kansas (from http://imgur.com/3G624XZ)

Last week's Texas fertislier factory fire (Image from Fairfax Media).

A Bangladesh textile factory fire which killed 120 people (Image from Wall Street Journal).

Hardwood Designs factory fire, Marrickville (Image: Fairfax Media).


Image in story link: https://twitter.com/NewsBreaker/status/324694837196640256/photo/1

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