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Fabrication specialist adopts ManuSoft MRP software early for consistent professional growth

Australian engineering and fabrication services specialist Interfab installed its first MRP system, ManuSoft in 1992 for better efficiencies in design, production, inventory control and costing.

Developed for the company by Manufacturing Software, ManuSoft MRP software is a real time dynamic control program that supports the design control and management of every stage of the manufacturing and materials process.

After 25 years of market penetration, MRP software and its medium term impact on fabrication and engineering are only now being measured. During its evolution under the technology, Interfab made a name for itself as a profitable niche quantities facilitator, meeting the needs of a diversified client base including defence, aerospace, biomedics and general industry.

Interfab also serves industries including mining, general manufacturing, banking, government, telecommunications, automotive, electrical and electronics as well as transport and railway sectors.

Interfab’s MRP system, ManuSoft today is a comprehensive setup that integrates a powerful SQL version and financials component, thoroughly linking the production plant with the management’s office. The company has been able to achieve high levels of accuracy and waste limitation while the software’s flexibility has helped Interfab derive great efficiencies.

Interfab has overseen a very sensible and professional growth on the strength of this touchscreen software developed by Manufacturing Software, which is now releasing an online MRP product, ManuDyn for instant rollout on an international level.

General Manager of Interfab, Mr Mike O’Brien says that MRP has provided many improvements in business processes.

Interfab performs intricate cuts, bends, punching and shearing in-house, while using hand-picked subcontractors for design engineering, plating and powder coating jobs with the MRP system assisting in managing this supply chain.

An early adopter of MRP, Interfab has constantly upgraded to later versions, integrating financials and currently moving completely into true job costing to ensure continuous business improvement. The company also plans to leverage the reporting function to better link the office and management to the shop floor.

Mr O’Brien believes a business such as Interfab should be in a ready position at all times to absorb work that may eventuate suddenly or due to unexpected circumstances. He expects work from the proposed National Broadband Network, infrastructure renewal projects following the Queensland floods as well as the mining industry.

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