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Extra JSF work for Lovitt

Melbourne-based Lovitt Technologies Australia has been awarded a long term contract on the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program, the world’s single largest cooperative defence program.

Lovitt will supply components over the next five years for each of the three F-35 variants being built by F-35 prime contractor Lockheed Martin in the U.S.

“Lovitt Technologies is proving its competitiveness on this program, and we are determined to remain the model ‘best value’ supplier,” said Mike Ramsay, Lovitt’s Managing Director.

“Lovitt has adopted a long term philosophy in managing investment and growth to ensure we are in a position to tackle complex programs like the JSF.”

“You need realistic expectations, you need to be export ready and you need a lot of time, patience and money to stay the distance on long term programs such as the JSF,” Ramsay said.

“With a part count approaching 50 line items this long term contract solidifies our relationship with Lockheed Martin, and we look forward to future opportunities to demonstrate our commitment.”

“Our ongoing success on the JSF Program also demonstrates the benefits of the strategic partnerships that have been formed between Government and industry to win work on the Program,” said Ramsay.

“This JSF Team Australia approach—Government working with the overseas primes and with companies like Lovitt to secure F-35 work—is helping pave the way for robust participation by Australian companies that are seeking to support the Program.

“I truly believe this cooperative approach is essential if companies such as ours are going to secure high skill job opportunities on the Program in the future.”

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