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Exporting success for locally made piping system

An Australian-manufactured recyclable pneumatic reticulation system has been selected for use in a $20 million expansion by the largest fish oil manufacturer in the world.

About 1.5km of the Calair polymer pipe system has been installed in the expanded Nova Scotia molecular distillation plant of Ocean Nutrition Canada in a region where temperatures frequently fall to more than -25 deg C.

The installation, undertaken by Atlantic Compressed Air of New Brunswick, is among the latest successes in Canada for Calair’s clean and non-corrosive system, which has also been adopted by Atlantic Compressed Air in automotive mechanical installations.

The Calair piping is eight times lighter than equivalent steel product and 30 per cent lighter still than PVC, making it very easy to handle in the 100 per cent expansion of Ocean Nutrition’s MEG—3 fish processing plant producing Omega 3 oils.

The plant is being expanded to accommodate rapid growth in the world market for Omega 3 supplements and food products, with US demand for such products exceeding $US2bn last year and expected to double and treble that figure over the next two years.

“Our installation crew love to work with the product. It’s light, easy to cut, it’s clean and it looks really professional after installation,” said Atlantic Compressed Air Operations Manager Tom Bourgeois.

Calair Pipe System Managing Director John McNab visited Mr Bourgeois during a visit to Canada as part of his worldwide promotion of his product range, which has been used in more than 10,000 applications worldwide, including Europe, Asia and America.

Calair’s low-friction polymer pipe systems are designed for high performance handling of compressed air, gases, chemicals, oil and water.

Each type of piping is permanently colour-coded for content to provide optimum safety for installation, operational and maintenance staff.

The piping systems will not rust internally and are far easier and faster to erect and reconfigure than metal systems of copper, stainless steel and galvanized iron. No expensive skilled labour is needed, or specialised trades such as welding.

“The Calair product was brought to our attention by (production engineer) Eric Chaytor of ocean Nutrition. After seeing John McNab’s presentation during his visit to Ocean Nutrition we decided this product would be a really good fit with the compressor and dryer lines we sell,” said Mr Bourgeois.

“We have completed 6-8 other air installations since taking on the product and it’s working out very well in service.”

Polymer won’t rust and drop flakes into production process pipes, or clog them so air or other fluids have to fight to get through.

Also, because polymer insulates better than metal piping, it isn’t as prone to condensation in the first place as hot air meets cold pipes.

The reticulation system – available in sizes from 12.5mm-100mm — is a very complete system, with a comprehensive range of joints, cross-pieces, elbows, fasteners and fittings.

Mr McNab said that even though there were quite formidable local standards and conditions to meet in the Canadian markets, “We have had great support from Atlantic Compressed Air CEO Richard Esanto and Tom Bourgeois. They saw the potential of the product and have backed us all the way.

“I think they were pretty impressed too when we responded to their inquiry by showing up on their doorstep, instead of just sending a bunch of brochures. They value service over there too,” said Mr McNab.

“The staff at the Ocean Nutrition plant were very impressed with the system’s versatility and the personal backing we give it. The driving force for us there was production engineer Eric Chaytor, who originally saw it on a website and whom we visited to demonstrate the product,” said Mr McNab.

“He specified the product in five sizes for use throughout this world-class plant, in applications as varied as the pneumatic ring main right down to the pipeline drops feeding individual items of machinery. Eric has become a champion for us.”

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