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Export market grows for SA’s Hegs

Adelaide company Hegs Australia is preparing to increase capacity as well as send a shipment of its product to China.

The Advertiser reports that Hegs, which makes an Australian-designed variety of clothes peg, currently makes around 80,000 individual pegs a day. This month it is doubling capacity, and currently has its product made at six factories and nine assembly services.

“The business (is) growing beyond all expectations and the Heg’s extraordinary story is travelling around the globe,” inventor and CEO Scott Boocock told The Advertiser.

Hegs previously manufactured in China, though brought production back to Australia for reasons including quality and helping local industry.

His company, based on a “60-second idea” has won prizes including a Good Design Award in 2014 and a Telstra South Australian Business of The Year award last year.

The innovation came to Boocock when he was hanging a dress of his wife’s out to dry.

“It had two straps on it. I thought, how am I gonna hang this up without any line marks, peg marks or sun marks,” he told Manufacturers’ Monthly last year.

“I worked out if I put a hook on it and market that worldwide, I’ve got it.”

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