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Experts to guide pulp, paper industry development

Australian pulp and paper companies, unions and research organisations have come together to secure a sustainable future for the pulp and paper industry.

According to the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Senator Kim Carr, the Pulp and Paper Industry Innovation Council will help the Government ensure Australia’s pulp and paper industry is competitive and prosperous.

This work will be critical to attract new value adding investment and support the industry as it responds to the ongoing challenge of environmental sustainability, he said.

“In April, I announced that Mr Stephen Payne, Head of the Manufacturing Division in my Department would Chair the Council,” Senator Carr said.

“This follows his role as Chair of the Pulp and Paper Industry Strategy Group.

“I have appointed Mr Jim Henneberry, Chief Executive Officer of Australian Paper, and Mr Michael O’Connor, National Secretary of Forestry and Furnishing Products at the CFMEU to support Mr Payne as Deputy Chairs.”

The formation of the Council is part of the Government’s response to the Pulp and Paper Industry Strategy Group’s Final Report.

The Council will continue the successful work of the Strategy Group, which cultivated important links between firms, unions, the research community and governments.

“I have asked the Council to develop terms of reference for an appropriately funded Biorefinery Research Institute,” Senator Carr said.

“This institute will focus its R&D effort on fibre-based biofuels and other bioproducts.

“I have also asked that the Council identify opportunities in water and energy efficiency, and devise ways to maximise Australia’s capacities in fibre production, product innovation and renewable energy.”

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