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Experts say innovation leads to success

Paul Garrard, the Lord Mayor Councillor of Parramatta City and Dr John Blakemore were among the guests at the recent Society of Manufacturing Engineers meeting to focus on ways to improve companies’ bottom lines.

Hosted by Challenge Engineering, a Sydney based CNC machining company, the meeting addressed problems facing the manufacturing industry in Australia.

“Manufacturing is a key driver of both productivity and innovation in the Australian knowledge economy,” said Lord Mayor Paul Garrard.

“For manufacturing to be more competitve in Australia, manufacturers need to think smarter and be more innovative – particularly during the current economic downturn.”

James Abbott, Managing Director at Challenge Engineering has developed a business plan for a more efficient CNC machining business which he believes demonstrates Australian innovation.

“On many occasions we have provided solutions for our customers that have not only delivered significant savings, but also helped get their product into the market place,” said Abbott.

In his presentation, Dr John Blakemore suggested manufacturing producers use a pull system of manufacturing to order, which would result in manufacturers reducing their capital tied up in stock and the waste generated through unnecessary setups.

Dr Blakemore has been instrumental in the success of numerous Australian companies including Hazard Systems, Pirelli, and Geelong Cement with productivity gains from 25 per cent over six months up to 800 per cent over 18 months.

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