Driving innovation and utilising the latest technologies to advance your supply chain

supply chain

Data is a growing area of importance in the supply chain sector. The upcoming SC Edge is all about driving innovation and utilising technology to advance your supply chain.

Get insights on current supply chain solutions, including how to clean data, access greater data, consolidate data, analyse data and utilise real-time data.

Take a peek at the session highlights below:

Case study: Utilising data to optimise automated decision-making

Xi Liang, Head of Data Science, Endeavour Group

  • Improving inventory and demand forecasting through data application
  • Analysing test scenarios to help with effective decision making
  • Obtaining better understanding of the market trends to improve product offering and pricing.

Workshop A: Improve your sustainability through data-driven energy reductions and footprint optimisation

James Lee, Associate Partner, Argon & Co

  • Use and share data to optimise your logistics networks to reduce emissions
  • Utilising an automated load planning system to ensure your trucks are fully loaded
  • Collaborate across the industries and businesses to maximise and efficiently use delivery vehicles

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