Open IIoT showcases diverse pathways to Industry 4.0

Getting participants to come to grips with the practical aspects of Industry 4.0 was the Open IIoT Demonstration Day, held at SMC’s manufacturing site in Victoria.

Utilising the work of those who are already making headway in the new industrial landscape, the event featured representatives of SMC Corporation, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, Universal Robots, Beckhoff, Balluff, and ZI-Argus.

Jim Wallace, sales manager of Balluff Australia, highlighted that seeing Industry 4.0 being implemented takes the discussion from theory to reality.

“It offers a real-life demonstration of various IIoT technologies working together and how these can best be integrated,” said Wallace.

With Industry 4.0 morphing as new technologies enter the market, seeing examples of where innovation has worked was illuminating, according to Wallace.

“We had a large number of guests and the session was engaging and informative. There are still so many questions around the topic of IIoT implementation and a session such as this one forces us to explore, be inquisitive and openly address common issues and concerns.”

Open IIoT provides a way for companies to start their implementation of Industry 4.0, breaking down what’s possible into reachable targets.

“It’s the ideal opportunity to learn more about adding smarts to your machine for improved measurability. These measurables help with forward planning, are easy-to-use and customisable,” said Wallace.

With the panellists representing a range of industries, there were a number of pathways to Industry 4.0 on display, however consensus was found on the need for more information to inform purchasing decisions.

“By combining forces, Open IIoT has access to a wealth information and resources. These can be used to benefit and arm customers with the competitive advantage needed to succeed,” said Wallace.

“It might seem repetitive but there is still so little sharing taking place out there. It’s up to us to create platforms such as this in which like-minded people can interact and ask questions.”

  • Start : 17/09/2019 8:00 am
  • End : 17/09/2019 11:00 am
  • Where :

    SMC Corporation