Esso completes new gas conditioning plant

gas plant

Esso Australia has announced the completion of its Longford Gas Conditioning Plant, which processes gas from the Kipper Tuna Turrum development. This marks the conclusion of the $5.5 billion Kipper Tuna Turrum project.

Located in Longford, Victoria, the Kipper Tuna Turrum gas fields and conditioning plant will process 1.6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas to eastern Australia, in the region’s biggest domestic gas development. According to Esso, this is enough to power a city of a million people for 35 years.

“This milestone … ensures the continued supply of gas to the east coast market from our Gippsland Basin operations,” said the chairman of ExxonMobil Australia, Richard Owen.

“The gas conditioning plant helps maintain current gas supply levels from Bass Strait, which has been producing for more than 40 years and providing energy to power the economy.”

“The Kipper Tuna Turrum project is an incredibly important addition to our energy security, given the context of gas shortages that are emerging in this country,” Federal Resources Minister, Senator Matthew Canavan told the ABC.

The development has also contributed significantly to eastern Victoria’s local economy, according to Esso, with Australian labour, materials and equipment comprising approximately 70 per cent of total project spending. Construction of the gas conditioning plant generated more than 800 direct jobs, with 90 per cent of the workforce from the Gippsland region.