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Ergonomic dual angle flow rack

THE new Creform CRE-166 is a compact yet multi-functional flow rack that provides process station container storage.

Gravity feeds containers to their point-of-use, and then angles the container to a part presentation orientation making component retrieval easy and ergonomically efficient.

Available through Industrial Conveying, this innovative rack system is suitable for use at workstations, assembly points, machine loading positions, kitting locations, and other point-of-use part offloading locales.

The unit has a rack, and part presentation stand, featuring an angled conveyor-type aisle that slopes lengthwise to allow containers to flow from the load end to the picking end. Then a second angle tilts the container to lower one end of the box.

Creform’s dual angle flow rack is constructed using the Creform system of adaptive components that allow users to detail custom design and configuration.

Unit designs can incorporate multiple supply lanes plus empty container return lanes as needed.

Units can also be constructed to a specified, fixed height to accommodate one person, or as height adjustable structures for use with multiple personnel.

Two styles of conveyor sections are available to best suit the application. If containers to be used on the compound angle flow racks have a uniform, rigid bottom, then ‘skatewheel’ style conveyor units can be used.

For applications where surfaces are irregular or the container is fabricated from softer corrugated or box board material, then full width roller conveyor sections may be used to provide a wide support area.

Racks constructed using ESD-rated components are also available to protect sensitive electronic apparatus from the build up and discharge of static electricity.

The Creform System can also be used to implement economical and easy-to-install Automated Guided Vehicle systems for efficient automated material handling.

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