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Environmentally friendly safety conduits

NEW ranges of environmentally friendly polymer electrical and safety conduit have been announced by CalAir that combine low smoke, halogen-free flame-retardant properties into a product that has no known toxins.

CalAir expanded conduit system is designed for radically simplified erection.

The three types of tough flexible Australian-manufactured conduit are all many times lighter and easier to install than metal conduit but don’t contain environmental and safety hazards that can leach into soil or be released into the air by fire.

The new halogen free (HFT) ranges – including Enviro, STD and HiPo high performance – are the latest versions of CalAir HFT products used to carry electrical cabling in surface and sub-surface applications and also used within safety equipment such as aspiration systems and air sampling systems for protection against smoke and toxicity.

Producing no corrosive or toxic flue gases in the event of a fire, the flame-retardant, low toxicity HFT range of polymer conduit is designed for use in situations where there are high concentrations of people, high concentrations of assets, or risk of high costs due to production interruption.

Already in use in major projects such as the Epping-Chatswood rail link in Sydney, the conduit responds to demand for flexible easily installed product especially formulated to meet high fire safety requirements in surface and sub-surface applications.

The new range, introduced to give wider choices and cost-efficiencies, includes:

* Enviro HFT (Grey) a low smoke halogen-free ( LSOH ) product conforming to UL94HB standard

* STD HFT (Black) fire-retardant halogen-free product conforming to UL94VO standard

* HiPo HFT high performance (Black) fire-retardant halogen-free product conforming to UL94VO standard and formulated for long-term UV resistance for applications where this is important.

CalAir’s HFT conduit – which won this year’s Endeavour manufacturing award for Most Innovative New Product – is the result of an extensive research and development programme designed to overcome hurdles in producing Halogen Free Flame-Retardant conduit without degrading its overall performance, including impact resistance.

The HFT conduit is complemented by both standard glued type fittings or high performance IP67 fittings.

CalAir expanded conduit system is designed for radically simplified erection, disassembly and recycling within a fraction of the time taken to construct and change traditional metal alternative conduits.

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