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Environmental solution of the year winner

INOX Australia has taken out the environmental solution of the year award at the 2023 Endeavour Awards for the Textile recycling reactor.

BlockTexx (customer) is a clean technology company that recovers polyester and cellulose from textiles and clothing. The company’s mission is to divert textiles and clothing away from landfill and accelerate the global textile recycling industry toward a sustainable future.

BlockTexx turns textile waste into a resource, stimulates the production of new products, and meets consumers’ demands to reduce the environmental impact of our everyday clothing.

INOX Australia was approached initially with a process scope from the company and their engineering support team to collaborate, design and supply a system to meet their unique process to achieve their required product outcome.

This process was a world first, so existing technology did not exist that matched their requirements. INOX quickly changed the design thought process from the company’s initial idea, into a processing piece of equipment that was the culmination of INOX’s 25 years of experience with the design of bespoke food processing equipment, relating mostly to efficient and innovative thermal processing design techniques and operating features.

The equipment, an 8000L Reactor vessel, was developed, built, and commissioned in late 2022 and was so successful with its effectiveness and product result, that a second unit was supplied in late 2023.

The project value is in the $1M magnitude. The primary process includes product infeed without manual human intervention (safely), thermal heating, chemical processing, pressure processing.

Capral proudly sponsors the environmental solution of the year category.

Capral is Australia’s largest producer and distributor of aluminium products, with six manufacturing facilities throughout Australia, extruding aluminium for use in a diverse range of industrial, manufacturing and construction applications.

Capral supplies a wide range of standard and exclusive aluminium extrusion, sheet and plate. Additionally, Capral offers extensive aluminium processing capabilities delivering light fabrication, machining, cutting and milling solutions nationwide.

In addition to its manufacturing site, Capral has a number of regional distribution and aluminium trade centres along with a comprehensive online store to ensure national supply and support to its customers. In 2022 Capral introduced LocAL®, a lower-carbon aluminium option providing Australian manufacturers with access to cleaner, greener, lower-carbon aluminium.

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