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Engineers Australia appoints Dr Bronwyn Evans as CEO

Engineers Australia announced that Dr Bronwyn Evans will take over as CEO of the engineering body.

Having held roles in manufacturing enterprises such as Cochlear and GE Healthcare, while also being CEO of Standards Australia, Evans will lead an organisation in transition, according to Trish White, national president and board chair of Engineers Australia.

“Over the last few years, Engineers Australia has modernised its governance and operations to support the increasingly important role of the profession in Australia’s economic, social and sustainable future, with our advocacy and media engagement also at an all-time high,” said White.

With Victoria passing laws that require engineers to be registered, and high-profile examples of where a lack of certified engineers has led to substandard outcomes, Evans’ work as the public face of the profession will be one of grappling with changes.

“An electrical engineer who has led successful corporations across manufacturing, construction, research and standards-setting, Dr Evans is well-placed to lead our organisation into its next chapter as the engineering profession transitions to take advantage of the technological disruptions and innovation of the future,” said White.

At the same time, there is great potential for the engineering sector as it embraces a digital and globally connected future, and with major projects requiring the expertise and know-how of Australian engineers.

“With the global megatrends shaping our future relying so significantly on engineering insight and leadership it is a fascinating and important time for the profession,” said Evans.

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