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Enerpac offers free hydraulic safety audits for flood victims

High-force tool supplier, Enerpac, is offering free safety audits of hydraulic equipment following the floods in Queensland, Victoria and parts of New South Wales.

Enerpac national sales manager Phil Dorahy says tools used for jobs such as lifting, pumping, cutting and bending will be employed extensively in the aftermath of the floods and should be checked thoroughly first to see if they have suffered any damage. 

“As the trusted market leader in hydraulic tools and equipment, Enerpac has an Australia-wide team of sales and technical specialists, supported by a national network of authorised service agents who can assist with the rapid clean up and re-establishment of your operations,” he says in a letter being distributed to the company’s customer base.

Industries include: building and construction; road and rail heavy transport; manufacturing, mining and petroleum; and electrical generation, distribution and maintenance.

“Enerpac personnel in your area are available to conduct on-site audits and inspection of all of your hydraulic tools and equipment, thereby ensuring that any damage that has occurred to this equipment is identified and the appropriate remedial action is taken to ensure operator safety before it is returned to service. To support our customers who have been affected by the recent floods, Enerpac will provide this service at no charge," Dorahy said.

“Our inspection, audit and training offering includes all makes and models of: hydraulic cylinders; pumps – manual, air and electric; hydraulic tools (e.g presses, cutters, flange spreaders, pullers, benders); and valves, gauges, hoses and couplers.”

To arrange an Enerpac on-site inspection please contact  

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