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Energy expert Sam Maresh joins NSW Environment Protection Authority Board

Former CEO of GE Australia, Sam Maresh, has been appointed to the NSW Environment Protection Authority’s (EPA’s) Board for the next five years.

The EPA Board plans to leverage Maresh’s expertise to spearhead new initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable development.

This includes expanding renewable energy projects, enhancing regulatory frameworks, and fostering collaborations between government, industry, and communities.

He was brought on board to bring “a fresh perspective and positive impact” as the NSW EPA continues its mission to protect people’s health and environment, according to Tony Chappel, NSW EPA’s CEO.

In addition, according to EPA Board Chair Rayne de Gruchy, Maresh brings the relevant skillsets required for the job with his track record in business, and industry insight.

“His proven track record in business and industry insight will complement our collective expertise and benefit our deliberations,” said de Gruchy.

During his tenure at GE Australia, Maresh supported developing and commissioning onshore wind and power infrastructure projects.

This included several wind farm proposals in NSW and Australia’s first dual-fuelled hydrogen power plant.

In his current roles, Mr. Maresh serves on the CSIRO Manufacturing Advisory Council, chairs the Business Council of Australia’s Future Industries Committee, and holds a position as Director at Trinity Indo-Pacific Partners.

Chappel further emphasised the strategic importance of Maresh’s appointment.

“His industry-wide reputation for managing complex regulatory, social, and policy environments through senior roles will be invaluable to the Board, particularly when dealing with matters in the renewables space.

“This proficiency in clean energy will help to inform decision-making processes, ensuring that our policies and strategies align with our net zero targets for a greener future,” said Chappel.

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