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Endeavour Awards Finalists 2011: Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to all seven individuals and companies who have been named Finalists in the 2011 Endeavour Awards – Lifetime Achievement Award category. Read on for the full list.


Pat Boland


ANCA was formed in 1974 and began trading in 1976 with an entire employee count of only two founders, both named Pat – Patrick Boland (chairman and joint managing director) and Patrick McCluskey. 

Over the years, Boland and McCluskey developed a professional management team to run ANCA from a day-to-day perspective, so Boland could focus on other areas of the business. His main role today is to provide technical leadership and inspiration to ANCA’s engineering group and support the sales team around the world. 

Boland is considered to have the best engineering brain within ANCA and is still a crucial resource within the company, both technically and practically, through his vast knowledge and experience of the machine tools industry. 


Russell Hughes

Integra Unlimited

Integra Unlimited is an engineering and manufacturing solutions provider that supports customers with product development and manufacturing services, primarily focused on steel-based products.

Hughes began his engineering career in 1957 as an apprentice at the Maribyrnong Ordnance Factory. He is now the joint-director of the parent company, Integra Tooling Systems, which is a 100% owner of COLIT, trading as Integra Unlimited.

Russell has 35 years of engineering, innovative product development and senior management experience – he joined his son Paul Hughes at Integra Tooling Systems in 1993 as joint-director to develop his dream of harnessing innovation to develop engineering solutions for Australian industry. 

As part of the fulfillment of Russell’s dream, his inventive pre-disposition led him to develop the world’s first high-speed Coil Processing Line (Punch-IT Coil Processing), which together with son Paul, was Punch-IT Systems’ (COLIT) first production machine.


Colin North

Major Furnace Australia

Colin North joined Major in 1970 as a project engineer, where his duties involved the design, installation and commissioning of specialised furnace equipment.

He was involved in numerous projects over the next 10 years including inventing an energy-saving assembly and operating technique for a large industrial afterburner and heat recovery system. 

In 1981 North was appointed project manager for a multi-million-dollar contract with Bechtel to supply aluminium holding and melting furnaces to Boyne Smelters and New Zealand Aluminium. After these contracts were completed, North was appointed to the role of chief engineer at Major until June 1986.

North decided to purchase the business from the shareholders and continues to employ the 22 remaining staff. 


Frank Seeley

Seeley International

Frank Seeley founded Seeley International in 1972 when he began manufacturing portable evaporative coolers. Seeley is still the chairman of the company, and has fostered a culture of innovation and creativity that has delivered market-leading products across all heating and cooling categories. 

He continues to be the driving force in the business, from design and engineering world-leading product developments such as Climate Wizard through to the commercialisation of new technology.

Seeley has aggressively pursued a policy of vertical integration, manufacturing almost all products in-house. He has also focused on supply chain management, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to meet fluctuations in market demand. 


Stephen Genis


Stephen Genis reports to the Stikki business owner (who has since retired) and has full responsibility for running the business. He knows how every machine operates, and can takeover as production manager if required. He authorises expenditure and approves decisions.

Working in a small business, Genis wears many hats; he has recruited a large number of the current employees, has been responsible for previous marketing activities including website development, and plays a pivotal role in holding relationships with key suppliers. 

Standing at the coalface, Genis exudes morale and knowledge. His creativity and innovation in product development has seen Stikki’s paper products diversify and new markets opened. 


Trevor Toivonen


Trevor Toivonen markets ICN services to major clients, convincing them of the credibility of ICN’s assistance, and the value of considering Australian-made options for their projects. 

Toivonen has developed strong relationships with key decision-makers at senior levels in the heavy engineering, construction, mining, and energy sectors. 

He has contributed considerable value to ICN from its inception as the Industrial Supplies Office (ISO) in 1985 through to his retirement in early 2011, and has left a legacy of productive business relationships, effective Australian industry promotion concepts, professional ICN training and procedures, and a substantial amount of business for Australian manufacturers.

Toivonen has been responsible for the creation or retention of over 6,800 jobs for Australians.


TRI Nature

Robert Fernance O.A.M & Brian McLean

Robert Fernance O.A.M, is the managing director, and the director in charge of financial operations for TRI Nature. Fernance manages the business’s finances and is very active in the sales and customer service areas. He was awarded the very honourable O.A.M medal for his service to business within the community. 

Brian McLean is the managing director, and the director in charge of technical services. He is directly-responsible for all research, development, product manufacture, and quality control. Like Fernance, McLean is still involved in the general operations of the company, including all factory functions right through to dispatch and delivery.

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